Story time. Describe your first experience smoking weed!

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  1. 'Twas the night before homecoming, sophomore year of high school. Some friends and I decided to hop the fence and sneak into the football game after getting toasted. We walked along the bike bath behind the school to a bridge, under which we smoked out of a homemade piece (we were only 15, after all). I didn't inhale and didn't get high. An administrator saw us and chased us into the woods. Later we did hop the fence into the game where I met some nice girls whom's pants I would try to get into-but to no avail. Afterward I longboarded home.
    Disclaimer: I don't like sports, I was hunting for chicks at the game.

  2. Mine was in the middle of my freshman year of high school, I think around spring break or something. My friend wanted us to walk to her boyfriends house from my school since he lived like 15 minutes away, and once we were there we hit this little orange bong he had and smoked about 5-6 bowls. I stared at his ceiling for what felt like three hours but was probably only 10 minutes, and then me and my friend walked over to a party city that was close by and dude shit was crazy all the colors and people, I was freaking out cuz I thought id get lost in there. Then we headed back to her house and crashed on her couch. Fun times :)
  3. I was 14. It was the summer between my 8th and 9th grade year. I went with a friend to his sisters friend house for her birthday. We were going to Kings Dominion the following day. Everybody there was 21 and up other than me and my friend. Anyways we were there and I was sitting on the couch and the one girl handed me a bowl. Me being a noob didn't know how to use it do she lit it for me. I took one big ass hit, coughed my lungs out. But that one hit got me high. My peripheral vision was all black and I could only see what was right in front of me lol. Anyways we smoked well over a quarter that night. I hit a bong, blunts, joints, and bowls. I was geeked the fuck up lol. Then the next day otw to kings dominion we got fucked up and road roller coasters. Probably one of the best weekends of my life.

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    For my first time I was in Maryland visiting some friends.  We all went to another dudes house and were chilling in his basement. I had no opinion of weed really but it was offered so I tried it. The friend who was setting it up used a makeshift waterfall gravity bong thing. So needless to say I was really fucked. I was coughing for a good 15 minutes, tearing up like no tomorrow and I could taste blood in my throat. My other friend took me upstairs to get some juice to soothe my throat and right around here I was regretting my decision. After that I was just about to go downstairs into the basement and it hit me like a brick wall. The friend who came upstairs with me just looked at me for a second and yelled at everyone else, "Guys, she's high!"  I wasn't even able to use the stairs and it took me a good 30 minutes to even get down. Luckily, I wasn't the only person who was trying it for the first time today. But unexpectedly, I had a really good time my first time. I guess one way to describe it was I would go MIA from real life, experience incredible deja vu and lose focus while trying to focus. My vision felt fragmented, as in everything was moving in a rippling motion. Everything was hilarious and I just sat on the couch for a good hour just zoning out in my own head. Best high to this day, ever.
  5. Last Thanksgiving. My brother & sister-in-law overheard my fiancé and I talking about wanting to try it so they took me down to the basement and we smoked out of this foil pipe. All I remember is joking about how Kirby can't pee and cooking food while eating.
  6. Okay, honestly my first time smoking was terrible. And I didn't get high until the 5th time I smoked.

    I ended up ripping the joint because it was 15 degrees and my fingers were cold. We were under a bridge. So, climbing out from under the bridge someone lost a shoe, my best friend lost her phone (and she was wearing vans in four foot snow, so she got hypothermia). It took us an hour to get more weed (which myself and three other people just stood beside some random strangers house while my best friend and her boyfriend constructed a terrible water bottle bong) and we snuck behind a hat factory on the east end of Main street and everyone except me got really stoned. We then raided the gas station. 

    And, as previously stated, I didn't managed to get high (out of my own shitty water bottle bong) until I was at home by myself doing laundry. I thought someone had slipped something else into my dime, and it turned out I was just extremely high. :hippie:
    if you're popping someones smoking cherry, TEACH THEM HOW TO INHALE PLEASE!!!
  7. I was 15 with my ex. And we went to a rocky island and hid in this little tiny hole in the rocks. We made a bong out of a water bottle. Took out some shitty weed and did like two bowls. We like sat and looked at the sea for half an hour. It was awesome. Even though the weed was shit and the bong was shit x3 still got high. And it was pretty cool I guess

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  8. My first time was after 9th grade. My older sister was an experienced and was always cool with me. My parents were going to a concert for the night and wouldn't be back for a while. She asked if I wanted to smoke weed with her so I said sure. She had this really nice big bong and we went to the backyard. She told me how to hit up, hit one herself so i saw how to do it then gave it to me. Me being a rookie took a hit bigger then i could take, coughed for a full 2 mins, took a few hits after that. We went inside and i sat on a chair and my dog jumped up on me, i was feeling his fur and it just felt incredible I couldn't stop, we watched the 5 year engagement I don't remember it at all but I remember loving it, I had a shit ton of Doritos as well. Definitely one of my best highs ever, good times.
  9. Grade 7, October 31st. Halloween was sickkk. We smoked out of an apple lol. :D Got super stoned and we got candy for the munchies. When my mom picked me up from my friends house I was stuttering and I was really lucky she didn't say anything. 
  10. My first time was at the beginning of junior year, my and 4 friends went over to our buddies house while his mom was gone, smoked like 3gs of some green crack mids between the 5 of us out of a little spoon pipe and we all got absolutely blasted. Right after we finished, two of my friends pretended to be in some kind of wizard battle with sound effects and shit haha. We all laughed our asses off then ordered some pizza. I remember peeking out the window after the guy delivered the pizza and it seemed like he took for fuckin ever to leave the driveway, totally thought he was calling the cops. That pizza was so good though
  11. I moved to this new neighborhood,There were like 4 families in one yard. But anyway I became friends with some dude(let's just call him X).So one day I listening to lil wayne and just wanted to get high. So I tell X,he was like "I know where we can get some".He told me he smokes occasionally(pretty sure It was his first time to).So we go to this shady area and we get some.
    So I asked X where should smoke it up and he was like let's go to our backyard. We get there and get inside the bathroom(outside bathroom) and light it up. When we got out we were both laughing a lot. After about 5 minutes of laughing and mindless conversations. I told X we smell of weed. He was like "let's run around the yard to get rid of the smell",so we run around the house for about 30 mins.....haha good ol' days
    I moved to this new neighborhood,There were like 4 families in one yard. But anyway I became friends with some dude(let's just call him X).So one day I listening to lil wayne and just wanted to get high. So I tell X,he was like "I know where we can get some".He told me he smokes occasionally(pretty sure It was his first time to).So we go to this shady area and we get some.
    So I asked X where should smoke it up and he was like let's go to our backyard. We get there and get inside the bathroom(outside bathroom) and light it up. When we got out we were both laughing a lot. After about 5 minutes of laughing and mindless conversations. I told X we smell of weed. He was like "let's run around the yard to get rid of the smell",so we run around the house for about 30 mins.....haha good ol' days
  12. I was in 9th grade, and after going to see Yesterday and Today open for the Runaways, who opened for Triumph I thought the latter was the best band I had ever or would ever see in my life after a very smoky show.  I was with a buddy that my mother approved of, at least at that point.  It clicked with me then; "everyone is doing this but me (and him)".  Even the cops in the place were taking hits as the joint got passed.  The next Monday in school I told my friend that I was going to get some for us (he didn't believe me), and I couldn't believe how easy it was to trade my ten dollar bill for a lid.  I took it from this kid's locker, and then into my locker.  It went home in my sock, and I spent that afternoon separating (I probably threw away a million beans through the years- ughhh), and practicing rolling joints.  I had no previous smoking experience.  For the next concert, which was Journey, opening for Judas Priest, opening for REO Speedwagon, I was ready with six of them in my sock, and this time I had my license and drove.  I think my friends and I made it through them all during the show.  So that concert is what I count as my first time, with a lot of preparation.  We stopped at Jack in the Box after the show and had a nice conversation with Jack as we ordered our food shouting from a VW bug.  On the way home we noticed that someone had knocked over the Mt Ida street sign in our neighborhood and my friend decided he had to have that to put on his wall (like "mount Ida?").  So I was trying to drive down the streets on the left with this thing hanging out so I wouldn't knock down mailboxes on my right.  Somehow I got him home that night, and I expect when his mother opened the door and found us dragging the street sign up to her porch, I was probably not approved of any longer as his friend.  Three months later I was getting experienced and ordered my first triple chambered acrylic bong from Krupp mail order.  That was the best head shop I ever found, and I still collect the catalogs from the 70's if anyone saved them.
  13. 9/10 is that Green Crack X Blue Dream?

    Gurl Scout Cookies
  14.  well lets see here, i smoked some ancient weed i found in the garage in an old cigar tube when i was in the 5th grade. Didnt catch a buzz off it but, the taste wasn't so bad! lol Smoked a few times throughout the beginning of 6th grade year. Towards spring i started smoking a decent amount more and it's been goin since. Good ol' cannabis haha. First time i got really blitzed i had my friend grab two doobs from his connection and we headed back to the woods. Walked a path for a ways through some fairly dense brush until we ended up at a large concrete slab. Lit the first and passed it around, smoked about half of the second and headed out on our way(his dealer pre-rolled the joints and I'd say they were about a gram a piece). We started back out of the woods, down the hill and out near the road. We decided to head down to one of our friends houses and see what they were up to. I remember walking down the sidewalk and all of the sudden i couldn't stop smiling. Colors looked amazing and life felt great. I was more than happy to be walking down that sidewalk with a slight breeze blowing, munchin on a fresh bag of cheetohs lol. We get to his house and there's a few people there and turns out they have some weed aswell! So we headed out to the backyard to smoke some more. They had a ceramic steamroller one of them made in art class. I split the half of the joint we had left to pack the bowl, we burnt that one down and they matched a few. Needless to say i was quite out of it at this point lol. God, I can remember that day so vividly even though it was so long ago. The nostalgia is slowly creeping up. That summer was without doubt the best I ever had. Too many stories to share from that one haha, but thats all for another day! Think its bout time to pack up a few bowls and see what the kitchen has in store. happy smokin everyone! :smoking:  
  15. That sounds like one hell of a concert man, it's a shame that era of music has passed. What I'd give to be able to go to a Dead or a America concert. Anyways how was the bud back then man? haha
  16. Was 12 years old during spring break of 7th grade. My cousin that is 4 years older than me had a little joint and came up to my house and asked me to smoke.

    Keep in mind that I was just coming out of the weed is bad mindset after him educating me many times months before this night.

    Anyways I was hesitant at first but after a couple "come on dude it's not a big deal" I said fuck it and started smoking it. To this day I've only had weed taste and smell the way it tasted and smelled at that time. It was incredible and can't even describe it.

    We finished the doob and right when I went inside I just started geeking out hardcore and laughing at anything and everything and even nothing for no apparent reason. Got to experience the munchies and that real nice deep sleep it puts you in, all for the first time. Best damn thing ever. Ill never forget my first experience with the herb. I don't think any of us will ever forget it.
  17. Age 12. It was quality Indo. I'm 23 now so the details are fuzzy but I remember hot smoke and wanting to fuckin cough but I didn't and all the bigger kids they were high fiving me and shit I took two big ass hits and don't remember feeling anything.
  18. Ha. This is one of my favorite stories to tell.
    Here it goes:
    I was living in a small town in Alaska. I'm talking no one had cars, no major chain stores/restaurants, and one gravel road that ran through the town which was about a mile and a half long at most. I moved there with my family when I was in seventh grade (12/13 years old) because my father was a preacher and he was going to start a church in the town because they didn't have one. My family only lived there for about a year, and it took about that long for me to work up the guts to smoke. But the day it happened was like it was meant to be.
    I went over to my friends house and went in to chill with her older brother and his friends and play some video games. He pulls out this amazing bong, about four feet tall, and starts packing the bowl. He looks at me and asks if I'm ready to try it yet, and I finally was like, "Fuckkkk itttt. Pass it my way"
    So right before I rip the beast, I look over at the clock and it was exactly 4:20 pm, Bob Marley and the Wailers is playing on the cd player, and we've got the Atari plugged in, playing some old school Pong. I'm not gonna lie and act like I ripped it like a champ. I hit it once and was instantly beyond baked. I held my own though and mellowed out, though I anticipated freaking out and feeling like I was dying.
    The bad news of the story is that I had to be home at 5:30, and I had no idea I wouldn't be sober by then. So we play like ten rounds of pong, and i look back at the clock and it's only 4:30ish. Which definitely tripped me out, seeing as how it felt like time slowed down to a ridiculous degree. I just shrugged it off and started playing again. Next thing I know, I look at the clock and it's like 5:20, and I've got to run home to my house in ten minutes, and pray to god I don't smell like pot and that my eyes don't look like someone just squirted lemon juice in them.
    I haul ass all the way to my house, have to climb up 900 stairs up the side of this fucking mountain to make it back inside before my dad gets home, and luckily I beat him by a couple minutes. I immediately jumped in the shower, thinking, for some reason, this would sober me up.
    I get out, he's home, and he's talking about his day and everyone's eating dinner.
    He never found out...
    This story makes me feel like my love affair with Mary was absolutely meant to be. 
  19. I always wondered how the weed in Alaska was

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  20. I'm not a good person to ask. I only smoked it twice, and that was before I smoked regularly. I was definitely hella baked, but my tolerance was Sooo low. Lol

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