Story time. Describe your first experience smoking weed!

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  1. In 10th grade, I wanted to try it once just to see what it was like, I paid 5 dollars and got a ridiculously tiny amount of mids (I think I couldn't tell and can't remember) that night I smoked it from a tobacco pipe but I didn't really get high.. Felt more like a nicotine buzz
  2. Long story short...(ill try)
    back in 8th grade, heard friends talking about weed. Became interested, yet was afraid to try it since i believed all the propaganda. So i started doing research on weed and stumbled upon the one and only Grasscity. Spent the next 2 weeks reading peoples post/stories about weed and realized i wasn't going to die or end up homeless so i was ready to give it a try..
    So one day i was home alone and bored as fuck so i decided it was the perfect time to try the ganja. My older brother smoked weed so i went into his room hoping i could find some weed and sure enough i found his stash drawer. i loaded a bowl on his glass pipe and went out to my Garage to smoke. I'm halfway through the bowl when i realize my finger feeling weird. I snapped out of it and realized i had zoned out with the lighter torching my thumb. At that point i knew i was higher than the price of a Bentley and decided to go back inside where i proceeded to watch MXC (the weird Asian show  similar to wipeout) and LAUGHED MY ASS OFF for roughly 2 hours.
    I really wish i could get as high as i used to :( Actually, i wish i didn't start smoking so young but then again, ive had some wonderful memories i wouldn't change for the world.
  3. My first time. The homie (not no more)had some weed and I was down so we went behind my apt complex and smoked a couple bowls. (I kept forgetting the carb and just said I usually smoke joints to play it off lol)
    Halfway to our friends house, holding munchies this creeper weed hit me like a truck. I fell over and smashed our chips and rolled into a bush thinking I could hide and ate crushed cookies out of the bag lol
    Now I smoke every other day and every good friend I have came from it.

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  4. My friend and her dealer brought me to the woods by our school one morning when there wasn't school. I wasn't expecting to get high but after packing the bowl three times of sour d I totally was. We went home and I cooked a huge breakfast of ramen noodles, cookies and hot chocolate
  5. The first time I remember being absolutely baked was 12 years old. I'm from Oregon and grew up poor. My aunt bless,her heart, would have me visit San Jose for the summers. It was incredible. Small. Coastal town boy who had puffed catnip a few times was suddenly thrust into big city toking on Humbolt weed! My older cousin who was only 17 Ronnie... Lmao.. Even sounds like a stoners name now that I think of it. We call him Ron now lol. Anyways.. He said check this out cousin., he ally's called me cousin... He pulled a little lock box from under his parents bed. My Aunts And Uncles Stash! WTH! The whole fam family Smoked! However my cousin would pick the lock somehow and take chunks off the ounce. We smoked in his bedroom. I took 1-2 hits and suddenly I felt like leaning in the window seal.. But it felt like I was still falling through the wall.. My cousin had me pass out on his "cool California futon" first time I even heard of one. He continued to smoke me out and get me drunk in the sant Cruz mountains.. We would do crazy shite. Like get stoned and ride modified bikes down the mountain without using brakes.. Or going to big parties and showing me off to all his friends,.. They could not believe a 12 year old crazy red head kid was sipping 40's and smoking blunts... Lmao..I was a party favorite and I would bust out ice cube lyrics too.. Lmao.

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    in 8th grade i had an awful sinus infection and went to my best friends house who was also sick, we invited this crazy ass canadian jewish bitch we were sort of friends with over and she brought some bud, it was actually pretty good stuff. we used my friends brothers homemade bong and i was so nervous and all because we were home alone and i didnt know how to use a lighter or anything. anyway i hit it so badly i was such a noob and spilled water all over myself and somewhere along the way the high began to hit me and we went down stairs for food and i went to the living room and started talking to candian bitch, suddenly i get FUCKED UP LAUGHING MY ASS OFF AND ROLLING AROUND THROUGH TIME, SHIT WAS CRAZY TIME TRAVEL AND SHIT I WAS A NEW PERSON WILD. anyway i got super high and ran a mile on the treadmill and called this black kid, friends mom came home and so i sobered up and went to sleep on the couch
  7. Well i was 9 years old and smoked schwag out of a can lol. I dont remember much from that night except constant laughter but im surprised i still remember any of it.

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  8. I was fourteen and it was a month before freshman year ended. I got smoked up by two of my friends from a different school. They were sixteen and eighteen at the time. We smoked up in this wooded area at this park, and I remember a park ranger driving by on his little cart thing, made eye contact with us, then rode away like nothing happened haha.

    I guess I didn't inhale right, so I didn't get high but I remember feeling buzzed when I went to hang out with my church youth group afterwards. I didn't actually get high until my third time smoking.

    The first time I actually got high, I was alone in my room and I started freaking out thinking it was laced (it wasn't). One of the highest I've ever been, I just wished I would have relaxed so I could enjoy it.

    I've been a daily toker ever since :)
  9. I was in middle school , 6th or 7th grade and I was in the school bathroom (yes school!) where me and some friends would chill after lunch and we always came to class late , and one day after lunch I was in therr with like 4 friends and one friend told me to look out for people and pulled out a water bottle bong and everyone took a hit and then one friend said yo let *my name* take a hit and I took two hits and me and 2 of them had math class so we finally showed up to it high as fuck and I was almost greening out but we were all in the corner messing around and was so fun and we ended up doing this a lot before class or at wheel

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  10. I think I told you guys this one before..
    I started smoking at 14, and my first time, I did'nt really feel much aside from a little headchange. I tried it a few times between then and 17. THAT was when I got fuuuuuucked up, man.
    I remember just getting so insanely high off bowl after bowl of humboldt and skunk, and I bought a dr pepper and a kit kat from a 'candy shop'.
    "Hey Jedi, we're going to the candy shop"
    '..The what?'
    "Candy shop, its closer than 7-11, c'mon"
    and we walked up to someones apartment window and i could hear them ask in spanish from behind their blinds "what do you want"
    '...uh, can I get a dr pepper and a kit kat?'
    and then we actually went to 7-11 where i finished half my big gulp in line and the hindu was all like YOU NO GET REFILL WHILE IN LINE YOU NO DO THAT and i was like WELL IM THIRSTY
    ..and my favorite part
    "jedi, did you use my toaster?"
    'MMPH, WHAT?'
    "put my toaster away"
    "put my fucking toaster away!"
  11. New Year's Eve, Sophmore year. Me and my friend packed a black and mild with a gram of weed and shared it. I got high as fuck and we played fifa in my basement. Then my dad came home and was supposed to give us a ride to a party that night. The party was in the town i grew up in but because of how high i was we got lost, in the town i live in. My dad stopped the car, let us out, and we had to find our way to the party. I spent the first hour by the food table then got super drunk and had an awesome night. Me and my friend still laugh about the whole car and getting lost thing to this day
  12. Summer going into freshman year. My cousin and his friend I didn't really know at his house. Took a bunch of bong and pipe hits. Fell asleep at his house for about an hour. Woke up had to go home. I live across town. Small town though. Still high as hell. My cousin and I start walking and I lay down next to the stop sign by the dudes house. My friend after 5 minutes tells me to get up. We go to a gas station I get Pringles and a powerade. I had about 2 G's on me. There is a cop inside. I was freaking out. We then walked the rest of the way home no problems. It was awesome. Lmao
  13. Up all night, music, donuts and $20 at Taco Bell!
  14. Went out with my friends with £25 worth of weed 2.5 grams roughly between 4 of us I rolled it...eventually we smoked the whole joint coughed hella hard said it was sh*t and we couldn't understand why we weren't high I was about to go home when the entire joint smashed me right in the face I was stoned as f*ck for 3 hours straight. Good times
  15. my first time smoking wasn't even with weed it was with spice lol
    I remember not getting high the first time tho.
    but then I went back the next week and finally felt it, it was chill as fuck.
    see we were smoking outta this blunt and walking down these back alleys and I just kept looking at the link fence and the shadow it was casting behind it.
    while we were walking the shadow looked so fucking cool. idk how to describe it.
    but whatever, it was my first time lawl

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  16. The first time I smoked, I did not get high. It was October of 1972. I was 13 years and 4 months old. I came home from school, and there on the couch, was my 17 year old sister, stoned to the gills. The house reeked of weed and I asked what the smell was. She told me what it was and then offered to smoke a joint with me. She did all this so I would not snitch her off to mom and dad. Mom and dad were out of the hous at the time so it was safe.
    I did not get high till the 4th time i smoked. Ya gotta know that back then, we were all smoking mexi-brick and it was getting us high.
  17. you would lay your head in your lap? o_O

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  18. Summer between my 10th and 11th grade years in high school. I went to my buds hoyse down the road. First we packed a bowl in his moms pipe, but I had no idea what I was doing and didnt get high, but then he had the idea to pack up his grav bong which. Needless to say, I got ripped and ive smoked since!

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  19. Hello, first time poster here.

    My first time is a funny story actually. I was 15 I believe and never even knew what weed was. I was spending the night at a friends house(not a smoker) and we were going to get drunk. He started talking about how his dad had just quit drinking and picked up blazing. I was concerned, having thought weed was a bad bad thing. However, he reassured me that it was basically just grass, and that he'd seen it before. After thinking about it I realized I wanted to try it.

    My friend didn't want to smoke with me, so I got on Facebook(lol) and messaged a known burnout from school, who I talked to sometimes. Convo went something like this.

    "What up"
    "Do you know where I can get.... marijuana?"
    "Of course, how much you need?"
    "What? How much is enough?!"
    "Haha I'll bring you a 20 bag"
    Me(no idea what the hell that means) "ok"

    So he gets there with a 20 bag of some stuff called trainwreck(now one of my fav strains) and we go in the woods and he precedes to force feed 5 bowls through an aluminum pipe. All the while, I could feel reality slipping away. Suddenly I realized we were in someone's backyard. "Where are we" I asked. "Idk haha" he replied.

    Long story short, I ended up fist fighting an inflatable Santa Clause(it was around Christmas), then played COD and fell asleep for what felt like years. This guy is still one of my best friends to this day and we toke daily.
  20. I was in 8th grade. Went to a friend's house to chill with him and some girl he was with at the time. We went for a walk into the woods by his house. A little bit into the woods he pulls out a joint and asks if I want to smoke. I had been wanting to try weed so I said "hell yea" and we proceeded to get blazed.
    Shortly after we smoked a bowl then headed to a different friend's house to play paintball with a bunch of people. Anyways I ended up wading through a small creek and through some woods which led me up behind the other team. Shit was some fuckin straight Rambo shit lol

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