Story time. Describe your first experience smoking weed!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TDayeInVA, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I've done it a lot sober so I know just what you mean. The weed just amplifies it. You should look into lucid dreaming also. People like us are a little better at controlling them due to our imaginations. Although I have yet to pull it off you should try it for yourself.
  2. I can actually somewhat pull it off, but only at night with musical aid before I sleep. If I could only draw my visions

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  3. haha my first time  :smoke:
    I didn't actually get high, but it was a funny time. I was 13 I believe. Me and two of my friends threw down like 5 bucks each to get a gram or two. We rode our little bikes around for like 2 hours looking for a place to smoke (noobs)
    So by the time we settled our argument, and went in my friends wooded backyard, it was about 5 o'clock. One of my friends had to to work at 6 or something, and was afraid to be at work, and in front of his mom high, so him and my buddy started arguing over weather or not they would smoke.
    Me and my buddy, Mike, who wanted to blaze made a ghetto pipe out of an pop can and started hitting that thing. I only took a few hits, and felt a small buzz. Everything was quieter, and clearer. I wouldnt say I was high.
    So my other buddy starts making fun of mike saying he was like addicted to weed, since he was hitting the soda can like a junkie. Mike was getting real angry. So haha Mike whips the sodacan pipe at him and hits him square in the forehead  :laughing:
    They started wrestling on the ground, fighting. Mikey loses and starts to run away with the remaining weed. It was really funny because Mike was this short fat kid and him running away on a tiny scooter was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. 
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  4. I coughed so hard my nutsack hurt

    Didnt get high though
  5. I rolled a joint and smoked it during a walk, while listening to music and looking up at the dark blue, starry night. It was nice. :smoke:
  6. Threw down 10 bucks and went half's on a dub sack with a buddy. He had a lifted jeep Cherokee sport at the time so we went out into this deep wooded area with a lake. Rolled up a blunt, prepared our snacks, then put on some tunes and smoked the day away! I remember being so faded and fascinated from the feeling of time slowing down, giggled my fucking ass off then took a nap lol woke up before sun down then dipped out of there before a ranger spotted us. Good times good times
  7. Was 14, girlfriend broke up with me and I was pretty infatuated. Thought hey, since my life sucks balls, lets try something new. I go to my stoner friend and ask him where I get some, he shows me a friend of his who give me .3 for $5
    Fast forward a few days and Im in my basement with a ton of food and I rolled the 2 shittiest joints ever. I told my friend on Idk some chat thing what I was planning to do and he told me not to. I said I wanted some pizza so I left him and went to the nearby forest, blazed up, then went home. Told my friend the truth, and then ended the call, then proceeded to listen to music and spin in my chair eating pizza

    Was a good day

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  8. First time poster long time lurker here...
    My best friends smoked and I didn't know, until one day I went over and they were all smoking. I wanted to try it so I did but two bong hits didn't really do anything for me. Forward to the next weekend where we had another get together. My friend rolls up a nice long J(a footer :smoking: ). Two kids tapped out halfway through so me and Franky kept on smoking away. Little did I know that I was actually gonna get REALLY super high. I had aalready had a few beers and a shot of JD in me. Went inside after Franky tapped out and it was me myself and a nice little roach. I thought the water bottle was ice tea so there was me high as can be downing a water bottle of SoCo.. Someone saw me and stopped me like quarter way through(i was never a big drinker) and man I was DONE baked RIPPED lol I was running all over his house and we were making food in the weirdest ways lol a hamburger in the toaster oven a pizza in a frying pan.. Lets just say we all woke up to his little sister's 1000 piece puzzle ball all over the place and an empty kitchen like no other.
    First time I ever smoked JUST weed... I used to get super trippy high, blacking in and out but not really blacking out but yea. I always hope I can get to that level again. I broke my friends laptop screen stepping on it but I mean really who puts a laptop on the floor lol. I couldn't believe what I did next.. I drove from my friends house to quickcheck up the road, don't remember driving there at all. I thought I was gonna die or something that night but it started raining and I hopped the curb(in a 350z LOL) and told my friend when he came out I had to protect my intercooler and supercharger because I had no hood on.. I had a hood on and it wasn't raining LOL. The overhang was only a few inches anyway. Went home after dropping my friend off, left the longest burnout strip my town has ever seen and proceeded to pass out in my driveway in the car. My mom wondered why I didn't park the car in the garage but hey sometimes you know not to squeeze into a small garage drunk and or high haha :bongin:
  9. I was 14 when i started. My best friends brother was a dealer and we thought he was the shit. He offered to take us out road hunting for rabbits and birds so we went along. He was smoking blunts the entire time so i just asked to hit it so i could be cool like him. It was fucking great and ive done it daily since then.
  10. Didn't start till my senior year of highschool. Me and 2 of my friends, lets call them mike and chris, were planning on smoking some weed in a camper behind chris's house. The weed wasn't shitty, but it wasn't dank either. Perfect for a first timer like me. Mike made some pipes from coke cans for all 3 of us. He also rigged together a shitty little bong made out of water bottles. So about 7 pm we go to the camper and go inside. Mike and chris start lighting up, but being the first timer that I am, I don't start till later.
    Mike and Chris finally got me to take a hit, and it hurt like fucking hell. I'm all coughing and shit and they tell me it will get better. So yeah, I'm just sitting there taking hits and it feels like I'm killing my lungs, until I get that high feeling. So at this point I'm buzzed, but mike and chris are pretty much fucked up. Mike is a fucking retard when he's high, and so is chris to a certain extent. Mike keeps making these weird ass sounds that keep making me laugh because I'm buzzed, and fucking up my hits. 
    So I'm starting to get pretty damn high after a while. I end up dropping the weed a few times because I forget which way I'm holding the coke can pipe. I eventually have to stop smoking and wait a little bit to sober up to pick up mike's girlfriend from her work. After about an hour and a half of chillin, I'm still pretty fucked up. But we decided to go get his girlfriend anyway. I was paranoid driving as I was still pretty blazed, but we still made it there. We drop chris back off at his house and I end up staying the night at mike's house. Me and him destroy a giant bag of cheetos together and his girlfriend cooks up burgers for us and give us eye drops. Mike's girlfriend was such a nice girl.
    Well, she was his girlfriend.................................. Now she's his wife. Hahaha!
    That was my first time ever smoking weed. Many people tell me that you don't get high the first time you smoke. I definitely proved them wrong that night.
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  11. I first smoked in 7th grade smoked reggie really never got that high or a good experience but In 8th grade me & my buddies stayed over a friend's house & only me & my other 2 friends decided to smoke so we go to the back spark up this white widow. Blunt gets half way & my one friend Joe is walking in circles while we're calling his name then it just started to go crazy from there. He fell to the ground while me & my friend just kept laughing we ditch him & go up stairs to the attic where the rest of are & me & my buddy tyler & I just keep laughing & trying to tell them joe is outside freezing to death while there trying to down haha. Then I left & checked in the back but he was gone. Next day ends up he came up to the living room & fell asleep under the table. Claims he saw Eric cartman flying in the sky when he was laying on the ground. Lmao good times...

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  12. My first time cx
    When I was 12 or 13.
    I had been trying to get high forever never had any money. (Just didn't wanna spend it and get high for a stupid reason) A friend of mine asked If I still wanted to "Get High" I said yeah. He invited me in a smoked out of a blue pipe. My eyes were red and low. I kept looking at my self paranoid and shit. He asked me if I felt it I couldn't resist smiling and said "Hell Yeah"
    I went home and started watching tv and the "High" kicked in. Everything felt weird and I felt kind of floaty and relaxed. I was kinda scared but he told me to chill so I did. (Had Two Bowls of Weak Shit Called "Reggie")
    It was weak and lasted 45 mins. It was so cool the tv was funny just looking at it. Right now I only Smoke Some Good Ass OG.
    ~Stay High!
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    It was my February vacation of Freshman year, 2013. My mom was watching her best friends daughters, who happen to be drug dealers. (I'm not gonna change names). My sister Liz and I went over with my mom, since it was snowing so much and we had nothing to do. After a few hours of being there, my mom went out to the grocery store, leaving us with sisters Rosie & Catherine. Catherine was 16 at the time, Rosie 14, Liz 13, and I 15. They told me and Liz that my mom had asked them to let us try some weed, god knows why, and they were all for it. 
    Now we're sitting in the bedroom, with a packed bowl. Catherine hits it first, then Rosie, then Liz, and finally, me. At first I hit it pretty smoothly, but after a few times, I began coughing. Rosie and Catherine were laughing, since they usually see coughing fits with there first-time-smoking friends. Liz was hitting it like a champ, rarely coughing, and pretty soon, we had smoked the whole bowl. 
    We went out to the kitchen, where I was sitting at the bar, and Liz took a seat in the living room chair. Rosie and Catherine were making food, and I sat by myself. I realized I was smiling. I had no idea why, and that just made me burst out into laughter. I looked over at Liz, who was also smiling like an idiot, and when we made eye contact, we both laughed the hardest we ever had. Rosie and Catherine noticed, and looked at each other and simultaneously said "They're feeling it." 
    They asked Liz and I if we wanted something to eat, which I quickly responded yes. I had never had such a big craving for food before that, and now I was in desperate need. We ended up making sandwiches on tortilla rolls. Everyone followed my lead, since I guess my sandwich looked amazing. We all had sandwiches consisting of Honey smoked ham, with two slices of muenster cheese topped with Mustard and buffalo ranch doritos (RIP). My playlist for high consisted of The Neighbourhood and Lana Del Rey, both amazingly relaxing.
    Later that night, we smoked again, with my mom now home. I made a few phone calls to friends, told my brother I loved him over the phone, and did a few flips in the living room. But I'll never forget going to sleep. Best feeling ever. Now ever since that day, I'm a stoner, and my sister occasionally smokes. It's a bonding thing for us now haha.
  14. Smoked 2 joints not knowing what to expect. (Smoked three times before, nothing happened). But oh my god. I would see the walls just breeze. Everything had a cartoon look to it. I would lay my head in my lap listening to rap and just nod my head. I remember I would see pyramids fall over myself when I closed my eyes. Fuck I miss it.
  15. It was summer going into gr9 and i was with a few good buds. One of them has this little mini bong and everyone agreed that they wanted to toke so we wait like 2 hours for a dealer to meet us at the highschool.I was so bad at smoking i took the smallest hit and just died haha. Had a few more than got the 2nd worst cottonmouth ive ever had. Then i went to this like convience store with one of my friends and bought sweet and sour pork, a big ass bag of candy and a snapple. Chilled with a few more people then was the most burnout ive ever been and went home and passed the fuck out at at like 8:30

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  16. I was 13 and my friend brought a joint over and we smoked it like rookies.
    I felt so good after that I ran to garage and grabbed a can of kerosene, I proceeded to pour the kerosene into a ring that when ignited created a ring of fire around me. It was really cool awesome day and I remember it almost almost 20 years later. My friends thought I was acting normal as usual and I did not burn the house down, I just left a burned ring stain on the driveway that I never got in trouble for.
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  18. 9th grade coming out of this laundry couldn't even walk that's how good the medicine was

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  19. First time I smoked, I didn't really feel anything. My girlfriend and I's mutual friend only brought a decent sized bowl and it was split between us.

    Next time she brought a whole dub and we smoked through the whole thing. I got blasted. Felt like I was jumping forward in time - I'd walk to the bathroom and forget the walking part, then wonder how I got there - and I was laughing my ass off at the stupidest shit.

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  20. My first time was with one of my friends in his backyard. It was an 8th grade summer and we were both quite new to the herb, so he made a plastic bottle bong while i made a potoato pipe for some odd reason.
    I remember taking as many hits as possible until we heard the screech of his backdoor open and his mom came out calling for us! My friend and I's faces were priceless and we threw our weed and pipe/bong over the fence and acted as if we were lighting a huge plank of wood on fire which was stupid at the time but we thought we were genius.
    After his mom took the lighter we went on his trampoline thinkin we didnt smoke enough but boy were we wrong! After 5 minutes on the trampoline, we started to feel the best we ever had and we were looking at the sky (keep in mind it was about 1 am) We kept seeing shooting stars, we must've seen at least 20 shooting stars that night! After a few hours we decided to head inside and eat popcorn.

    Tldr: my friend and i smoked weed our first time, almost got caught by hi s mom, and saw a shit ton of shooting stars.

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