Story time. Describe your first experience smoking weed!

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  1. "First time I smoked weed was in the backseat of my older brother's car. Must have been some good shit considering I'm an only child."
    Lol no that's just a joke I heard last year.
    My first time smoking was in April of my 7th grade year, and it was pretty lame. My 2 friends came over and we were all planning to smoke with my brother, so we walked all the way across town to get a 15 I think of some bud, came back to my house and rolled 2 blunts. We went to the side of my house to blaze, and right when we go inside we see my dad woke up so we all just sat on the couch and acted "natural" which was bullshit because we wreaked of bud and just stayed quiet the whole time. Next thing I know my dad goes outside and smells it, but he wasn't 100% sure it was us until the next day when my friend smoked with another friend of mine and THEY got caught and somehow pinned it back to us from the day before. So I got grounded and shit.
    I never really felt what being high was like because I was unaware of inhaling into the lungs (I just held it in my mouth) until like 3 months after that little incident. I went to this dam with my brother and some of his band members (All older guys) and we were sitting by the dam just smoking and I asked how I would know when I'm feeling it, and they just tell me "Just stare at that dude and when you start laughing you'll know." So I stare at this dude we were smoking with and like 5 minutes later I'm just laughing my ass off, seeing shit more funny than it normally was, like one dude called the other a fudge packer and this random old dude hangs up a big ass stuffed bear on the dam and says it's name is Homeboy Bear. After the old dude left we took the bear down, threw it in the water and pretended we were Navy Seals swimming an injured guy to shore. Shit was pretty rad.

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    The first time i smoked... I was in the back of my sisters car with one of her friends we rolled up a monster blunt. Decided it was time to smoke pulled over on the side of the road and clam baked it. To this day i still wonder about the fact that i do not have a sister. 
    Honestly though.
    December 27th 09
    I was with a few friends who i told i smoked they did not know (Still do not know) that i did not. So it was right after Christmas and we all had a little bit of money and we bought an O from one of the kids Brothers.... We payed $300 LOL so we smoked 3grams or some with me and 4 other people i was pretty high but not really that high at all. I had to drive the girls home so me and 1 other friend brought them home on the way they said hey can you pick my friend up and bring him home he will smoke you up. I was like sweeet i get more weed so i did it. Now i thought we would go some place to smoke but he gets in and we start smoking as i am driving i started getting REALLY high. It was about midnight and we were driving and everyone was focused on the bud and i'm driving just fuckedd and a deer jumped infront of the car and just made it by without me hitting it. It was a very woodsy area and it could have been there but NO ONE ELSE SAW IT!! Still do not if it was there or not because everyone was watching the bowl being passed around. Drop the guy off and drive down the road felt like we were driving for about 30mins and i pulled over said i can't drive im to high call the guy he drives the girls home (His house was like 10ft down the road) and brings the car back to his house and we sat in the car as its pooring out. I had to call one of my friends that lived in the area and her mom came and picked us up... Yes her mom still never said anything about it. She knew we were to high because i got in and layed on her daughter and said i'm so fucked! and passed out on her next day had to be driven to my car that was sitting in the middle of like 6 parking spots. Got in and it still smelled like we were just smoking. That day is one i will never forget.
    The dude also told me the strain was G13 winner of the Cannabis Cup 2007 and has done good in ones after that. 
  3. First time when i was 14 I smoked & thought I was in a Video Game
  4. The first time I got high was in my college dorm with two friends who had Sour D. I decided I would try it this time when they asked me. They got really excited since it was the first time I had said yes after they had asked me almost every day for two months. They had me do three bucket bongs in a row. I know now that for my first time that was too much for my first time. Anyway, I'm later leaning up against the wall outside my bathroom watching them talk to each other. I then start looking at the mirror in the wall across from me and I realize that I'm not understanding anything they are saying. I then just stared at myself for 30 minutes, the whole time feeling myself sinking in to the wall behind me. I then got worried that I couldn't move so I ran to my bed and laid down so I would be comfy. I then got stuck in a mental loop for the whole night. Unfortunately I have insomnia so I didn't sleep at all. I think I fell asleep for an hour and then I didn't the whole next day burnt out. I had to go to an exam review that day too. Not fun. Smoking is great now though!

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  5. First time I had about 8 cones or bowls whatever you want to call them out of a bong cause I didn't know how much to smoke haha. It's the most body stoned I have ever been it took me like 5 minutes to walk up 2 steps and through my mates hall way. Then I watched him play runescape while glued to the couch. Second time I smoked I was all euphoric and shit though
  6. The first time I really got high was on edibles rather than smoking, though I had a bit of a contact high in my friends hotboxed wreck of a mini. Anyways this was my first trip to Amsterdam and we were wandering into town as our hotel was a little way out and we stopped in a coffee shop and their brownies caught my eye. So I munch it down with a smoothie cause it was kinda dry and went on our merry way.

    After about an hour I'm still not feeling anything so we stop at the rockery and they have these delicious muffins of which I buy two, one for now and another for the road. We go back to wandering about getting our bearings and figuring out what stuff we want to do that week. The two friends I was with were fairly high at this point as they've been smoking all morning. We were stood at a crossing waiting for the cars to stop and that's when it hit me, all of a sudden I was just gone. It was really sunny that day and I felt like I was just gonna melt into the grate beneath my feet.

    After standing there for a century or two the green man lights up and we start moving again. At this point I'm feeling pretty messed up but luckily my friends were pretty seasoned stoners so they just dragged me along and decided we would head back to the hotel to sort some food. On the way we stop in the first coffee shop we went in and I got the munchies hard. So for whatever reason I decide to have another brownie instead of just regular food, don't ask how I came to this decision cause I honestly don't know. So were sat enjoying another amazing smoothie when I realise that I'm actually lagging In meatspace, I must have been doing maybe 4 or 5 frames per second. I found this crazy disorienting and just sat sipping my drink without saying a word. I could hear my friends talking but it just didn't compute. Their words just went in one ear and out the other.

    Apparently after this I had another brownie, though I find this hard to believe as I do not remember this at all, I was pretty fucked but I don't have missing spots in my memory elsewhere so I don't know. Maybe my friends were just messing with me... Anyways we go back to the hotel and I just chill on the couch munching on multiple huge bags of paprika lays (why don't they sell these here?) Watching Dutch TV and laughing my ass off. Good times.
  7. These are jas stories, shit funny too. My first time was back in grade 9, I was 14. I recently made friends with a guy we call Trusty and he said I should come with him to his other buddy to toke up. ( I was very eager to find out how it felt to be blazed). So after school we go over and the other buddy racks a bong and gives it to me. Trusty and OB was being very helpful. They told me how to hold it, clutch it and basically smoke it. At first I felt nothing ( this is after I coughed my lungs out) then I took another bong and it hit me hard. My eyes,legs and arms were tingling, it was amazing. I couldn't stop laughing and we all had a good time, even while we were eating. LOL, it was awesome.
  8. 14 is a common toking age, hahaha.
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  9. My first time I had gotten a nug from my sister and broke it up, I spent 10 mintues looking at videos on youtube how to roll a joint haha, so I rolled this awful joint and went outside on my back porch and smoked it I came inside and I was fucked up! It was the best feeling I've ever experienced I remember eating a lot ran into a couple walls spacing out and taking the best nap ever haha

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  10. I snuck out of my house one night and my friends pcked me up. We were gonna go to a friends birthday party and it was just gonna be a small group of people so we decided we were gonna smoke once we were there and hell did we get high lol. We were like in the woods and we had a fire going and some music so we started hitting the bong. I took this huge hit and a couple more after that and I was feeling awesome. At first it was like a video game and everything was like in slow motion. Man it was a trip then I started freaking out and felt like I was in a movie. My friend kept thinking he didn't have his pants on he kept saying "dude am I naked?" Lmao then he lost his hat and started crying because he couldn't find it. I had this crazy laugh attack where I couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes straight and my friend was just siting down laughing his ass off until he fell out of the chair. After that we kinda just sat there by the fire chilling and after like 2 hours we are still laughing at basically nothing and that's when my friend pulls out a little pipe out of nowhere and starts smoking again. Best night ever haha
  11. I was at this party where we were all watching evil dead. I hung out with a lot of gay guys then and somehow at some point it turned into a gay make out session. Single and straight I headed to leave snd ended on the front Porch with a couple other guys. They offered me a bowl and I accepted. And well.. what a fabulous bike ride home.Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk
  12. Me and 9 friends (all guys) were on our first holiday together in Majorca, I'd just turned 18. I got friendly with a group of 3 girls and they had a fair amount of weed. I got real stoned pretty much all week and lost my v with one of the girls. 
  13. Ah, the first time. So, an old friend of mine, her parents were stoners from way back. Pops had a nice set up in his garden shed, grew enough for himself and a few friends. My mate, his daughter, was also a stoner when I first met her. Went to hers, had never tried anything before, not even alcohol. We're sitting around just chilling when she offers me a bong. Explained how it worked, packed it for me and like a pro, I inhaled long and deep, exhaled nice and smooth and after about thirty seconds, sat on her swing porch with the stupidest grin on my face for about two hours. Best experience ever.
  14. My first time was on thanksgiving. I used to be one of those ignorant folk that thought weed was bad for you. My friend asked me if I wanted to pass the blunt with him and a couple of other people. Idk what possessed me to do it. But I'm glad I did. I couldn't stop laughing after we went back into the basement where the party was. I was geeking. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. fist time i was 15 and it was after a basketball game we are all on a team their were 5 of us we just lost bad and we were all like fuck it so we used our friends car and said our friend with a liscence would just drive it but really our friend who owned the car who only had her temps drove. at this point we didnt have a house to stay at so we would smoke in the car, my friend who was driving had to drop us off at a gas station bc the guy giving us weed could be seen with alot of people in a car. once he left we all got back in th car and he warned us about leaving bc cops watch him. we went to walmart and bought food, then we decided to choose a neighborhood to smoke at. the lighter we were using didnt work so we had to get one from another friends house. we went back got one hit each, it was my first time i only coughed a little. after 1 hit each a car passed we ducked and drove to a new spot. we each got like 2 more hits and the house we were in front of the person came home and walked right passed our car and we all ducked. we left the neighboorhood, my friens who is 15 is still driving we tried to go to a parking lot and cop car pulled out in front of my friend and being behind the cop car she makes an illegal turn. we went back to the neighboorhood passed a cop car agin and moved farther into the neighboorhood, took a a few more hits and at this point everything seems really lively and i would keep laughing. well we realized a person was in a house near us looking out the window, mt friend starts the car and it was stuck in snow it took 2 minutes to leave. a guy got out a house and tried to take apic of the liscence plate, i dont think he got it. we were done we couldnt get caughtplus we were paranoid, we found a house my friends alcoholic siblings house, they were gone at the bar.we got back and opened the windows bc we hot boxed my friends car and she dropped the rest of the weed in the crack of her car. we went to the house and my friends brother was soooooo drunk ive never seen someone so trashed my eyes were really red too, anyway we ate our food and slept we had to get up at 8 to get the weed out the car and go to practice, everything worked out i was so tired at practice after  i slept from 11am to 4pm. that night just didnt feel real
  16. That sounds like a good ass day
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  17. This shit is about to get detailed.

    So the summer before I go off to college, I wake up this one morning feeling like the world had just got done going down on me it was one of those vibing days. I hit up my friend (notorious stoner) and was just like man do you wanna kick it today and he was so fucking down I went right over. We did hoodrat shit all day thrift shopping and whatnot, our usual fun adventures.
    So the evening is rolling around and were coming back from the gas station and I make this sudden decision, just cause the day was so dope, that tonight was the night to finally try smoking after warding off peer pressure for all of high school. Well that was a coincidental time to make that decision because he happened to be out of weed but what did he have? Wax.
    So we go to his bedroom and I loosen up with a couple drinks so I don't get the nerves. He dabs a couple times and hands me the rig. I sat and stared at it in my hands, sucked some air through it to get acquainted with the feeling. He torches it and puts the dome on and let's it rip while I'm hitting. The smoke was really smooth, I held it in and exhaled and didn't even cough. I did another.
    I was just chilling and after about four minutes I was starting to feel discouraged. I look over and my friend andBOOM WHOAH it was like my consciousness rebooted. I was existing in a truly different location. For some context as to where I was, it was like on Mario Kart 64 when you go to battle mode and are on that space map? Like I was fuqqed up. Ended up sending like 130 tweets in 7 minutes?
    Damn man that moment changed my life forever haha. I still go back to that map sometimes.

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  18. My first time was merely a few months ago. And man, was it an experience. Most people tend not to believe my story, so to clarify, I had a hyperactive imagination before I smoked, I have a small body, and absolutely no tolerance. The weed we smoked was dank, and not laced with anything.
    We smoked from a bowl, me and two other friends. I was neither worried or anxious. From what I had heard, it wasn't going to be a very powerful high. Ha. How wrong I was. A few hits in, I felt incredibly happy, unbelievably mellow. But I wasn't high. And then... bam. I closed my eyes and began to fly. I was walking around his house with my arms spread, eyes closed, and I could actually feel myself flying through the clouds. It was absolutely amazing. I was brought out of my trip to take even more hits. Suddenly I clasped my hands together, like a prayer stance? And I started to wave in a vertical serpentine pattern, best compared to a waving flame. Again, my eyes were closed and I pictured myself as colorful smoke waving into the air at high speeds, surrounded by a green haze. Again I was brought out of my trip to go upstairs to the bedroom, to take yet more hits. 
    Anybody remember their first attempt at stairs? It seems like such a daunting task, but you feel like a god when you achieve it.
    We spent the duration of our high listening to Pink Floyd, sitting on his bed upstairs. I think I took between 30-40 hits. There was a point of time when I didn't know where we were, what weed was, or why I felt so amazing. Earth was no longer earth, it had become a secret world that so many people were missing out on. Every time I smoke, it's like I'm transported to a different reality where anything I imagine can be mine. As I said, I have a hyper-active imagination. And when I close my eyes, my visions are quite vivid and colorful. I know it's not a "true" psychedelic experience, but it was much more than what I had hoped for.  
  19. Our highs are the same bro

    Weed+Overactive imagination = ANYTHING!!!
  20. Exactly! It's like returning to the mindset of a little boy again, where you could imagine everything. Apparently I stood at the bottom of the stairs, stationary, boxing at imaginary enemies for 10 minutes straight. It's fun to play around with your imagination when you're high 

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