Story time. Describe your first experience smoking weed!

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  1. First time i smoked i was at this factory with my friends I used a gravity bong and took like 6 small tokes and was super toasted
  2. i wish i could remember the first time i smoked :/ i remember a few times after the first one (i was 12 at the time jeez) and it was really scary but relaxing. Ill just tell the story i CAN remember of one of the first times i smoked. In Barbados we call tobacco Fanta (not from cigs, home grown) and we mixed it with weed to make spliffs because we're cheap. i smoked a little joint and didnt feel anything and i was bored and locked out the house at 6:30 waiting for my parents. I got so bored i rolled up a full fanta joint and smoked it and everything kicked in. Every car i saw was blurry and i thought everyone was my parents and it was like i was on psychedelics but i was just young. Felt like my blood was running a marathon and only sending bad thoughts to my brain. Prolly a shitty story but sharing is caring i guess

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  3. the first time i smoked was when i was in 8th grade. my friends and i smoked out of my dads pipe that he had in his medicine cabinet lol.. the pipe had jimi hendrix on it and we got so awkward afterwards.. but after awhile we went swimming and it was the best swim eveeeerrrr.
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  4. Okay. So, the first time that I smoked weed I didn't really do it right, it was kind of a waste. I didn't get high, I don't think that I even inhaled. The second time I smoked weed, was also the first time I got drunk. The dude gave me a steamroller pipe and told me what to do and I was in there. I was coughing, hard. That night is definetaly qaulifiable on the list of subjects if you were to write a book about me. I got high, indeed.
  5. First time was 6 years ago. Some friends let me smoke out with them by the pool, I freaked out a bit first they fucked with me for a while then I went home and listened to some Beatles and went to sleep. Best sleep of my life.

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  6. My first time was with my girlfriend and a few good friends. I took a big drag and coughed for at least 10 minutes. It took half an hour before I felt anything. At first, everything hurt and felt 10x heavier that feeling came and went a couple times. Then I got a really good high, not the best I ever have since everyone since then seems to have gotten better, but still a nice one. We ended up going to a light show and everything was amazing.
  7. First time was in 8th grade going into freshman year. Me and like 5 friends smoked 2 joints and then one of them literally laughed so hard he pissed himself a bit and we all laughed and ragged him all night haha was such a good time

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  8. First time i didnt get high, but it was still crazy funny. It was september of my junior year, and my friend that smoked on occasion (let's call her Alexis) randomly suggested we get fucked up after she got off work. So me, my friend we're gonna call Anne, and another friend let's call Jana, literally camp out at our friend's work for hours until closing (it was a resturant and Alexis would occasionally come out and we'd tease her). Me and Anne had never smoked before so we were really excited/nervous, especially her because she has an anxiety disorder. Jana use to be a big stoner, smoked a lot with her sister, but hadn't done it in a while. So the restaurant closes and Alexis has to do closing duties so we leave, but we can't go to her house yet because her parents weren't home (they worked really late and didn't like us being there without them letting us in), so we drive to the nearby park and sit there from 10pm to almost 12am, waiting for Alexis to get off. Jana left because she made up some bullshit excuse to ditch us, but whatever lol, more weed for us. After forever, we just go to Alexis's house and her parents are there, but not her yet. She shows up a few minutes later talking about how they held her over, but we didn't give too many fucks, we were just ready to light up. So her parents go to bed and we light a bunch of candles, Alexis pulls out her stash and Anne starts shaking with anxiety. I didn't get high, but Alexis and Anne got messed up real bad. At one point, Alexis turned the pipe around the wrong way and tried lighting it then. Anne started talking about how she would suck Putin's dick to restore memes in Russia, claimed chapstick was like putting 'Spicey ice' on your lips, and wouldn't stop listening to Alexis's dog's heartbeat, claiming it sounded like a panic! At the disco song. It was hilarious, but I didn't really think I could get high at that point. I lost interest, but then, two months later, I was at Alexis's again with her huge stoner friend named Lillie. I didn't want to be a debbie downer, so I accepted the pipe and it was so much better. I spent 30min on Alexis's phone looking for a specific contact in my phone bc I wanted to call him, plus took a bunch of videos. One moment the phone was in my hand, then I blinked and Alexis had it, then Lillie. We listened to so much classic rock and good rap it was so lit. Gonna smoke with them for the first time in forever on the weekend and I'm so stoked ✌
  9. My brother introduced me, let me in on his joint. Didn't real feel anything.
    The next time was at the beach, and it was an incredible high. Smoked spliffs and drank beers under the English sun.

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  10. So i was in 8th grade always wanting to get high because i was curios, my childhood friend was a senior in hs at the time and i heard he smoked weed, so i hit him up and said he can hook me up with 1 joint for 20 bucks. I didnt know if i was getting ripped off or not but i did it. i smoked the blunt while my parents were home in my backyard (so lucky i didnt get caught) but it was windy and i didnt know how to smoke it so i didnt get high at all. i hit him up again and he said he cant hit me up with a fat blunt and smoke with me to show me. So i agreed and we met up on a monday when it was pulaski day. We went in a forest and i got so fucking high i couldnt walk talk or see. I barley made it home, I knew what was going on but my vision was so wierd i dont know how to explain but it was (staticy) i had to lay down for a second becuase i couldn't walk. When i made it home i passed tf out on the couch and fell asleep for 15 hours. While laying down i was super tingly like everything was so (buzzy). But in all it was a good experience!
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  12. First time I tried it with my sis ️ and her gf we smoked a joint and I felt it but then I went away and I was like meh so we smoked a blunt and holy fucking hell I was orbiting like crazy and couldn't stop I was in another plane and were just laughing and high as fuck too

    My cat was right outside the door and I freaked out coz it felt like my cat was big like a lion and I couldn't face him right then like I'll be eaten up lol

    Anyway I wrote all this down in a yellow pad I named it TELE-WEED

    thaT was my first time really feeling it and I'm glad I had a good time

    Proud to say my cherry lungs got popped by bud called ALASKA THUNDER FUCK it's great

    Still blazing it 2k17

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  13. Was about 14 with a older guy I was working for handed me a joint and said Acapulco gold boy, got so high could not get off the boat ,he died not long ago we where friends our whole life still remember that day like it was yesterday
  14. My first time smoking was pretty special

    I remembered I was such a poser about weed. After my sophomore year I looked like a pot head, I acted like one, people thought I was one because I told them I did. I wore weed shirts but didn't smoke. Like what the hell was I doing? I knew I was gonna be smoking weed eventually so I planned out my first time

    I was 16 it was the ending of sophomore year and I went on a family vacation to Costa Rica. I told my brother and cousin I would try it because I was away in another country, I pass off as a pot head anyway, so why not start here? I didn't think they would find weed in a foreign country but I was impressed that they did. I was scared to try it for the first time because I was scared I would be addicted immediately (which didn't happen). So I was with my cousin and my brother and i watched them roll up a blunt. Nervous as hell I took a couple hits and didn't really feel anything at first. My mind was just racing at that moment thinking "What have I done!". I started to feel really different but in the end I realized thats what is was being high.
  15. Smoked weed for the first time last week at a party age 15. Me n my friend got high and were just laughing at absolutely everything. My friend sprained his wrist trying to dunk a basketball and I got to second base with some girl I like. Then realised she had a boyfriend and now I'm on his hit list apparently lol
  16. It was a month ago or so, we had been wanting to try weed for a year or so but never really did. At a friend's birthday we said we were going to talk with a friend that smokes so he could get us some weed but we finally didn't.

    So last month was the birthday of one of my best friends and we said we had to try marijuana. So after talking with a mate in school he eventually told me he uses to smoke marijuana once a month with friend and that one of them actually sells weed.

    I told him if he could get me some, and I talked with the people on the party about the quantity, we started saying we wanted 15€ and finished buying 25 xDDD

    So he got me the weed and we tried it with tobacco, I rolled the joint pretty bad but it was smokable, we smoked it (this was before the party, to "taste" it), and we felt nothing.

    Turned out the tobacco plus my friends not knowing how to smoke resulted in no effects (I was smoking correctly but seems my tolerance, while not high is medium and that didn't got me high).

    So the next day we were at the party and a friend that smokes rolled a joint with tobacco and I took 3 hits out of it, everyone was saying they felt nothing and we started to think that wasn't marijuana, though one of my friends who had smoked marijuana said it definitely was, and people inside the house said the smoke smell a lot.

    Suddenly my friend started laughing and they were like: She is so lucky, I was also saying she was lucky when suddenly I started laughing and couldn't stop, I went with her to the bathroom to check our eyes to see if they were red (her eyes were, mine not, seems even if I smoke a whole lot they don't get the veins color), well, so I was just a bit high but really not much, I felt it was more difficult to concentrate but nothing else really, I wasn't laughing anymore.

    So like 2h before, my best friend cames and he says we should do another joint, but with only weed, I tell my friend who was rolling them to roll one to us without tobacco and she tells us to wait, finally she rolls it but with tobacco, my friend was a bit angry but we smoked it anyways, I took 3 hits and... 15 before, I was feeling nothing, so my friend rolled as a joint without tobacco (yaaay), we took 2 hits everyone and shut it off, waited for 10-15 mins but nothing, so me and my friend said: Let's finish the joint, we took 2 more hits each one.

    So... We were sad we were feeling nothing and went to the kitchen to talk.

    I remember as they talking I said it wasn't doing nothing but secs before I start to stop paying attention to them a bit and I say: I think it's now doing something, not too much tough.

    Next thing I remember is I can't almost see and say: Guys I'm feeling a bit sick, I don't know...

    I remember someone grabbed my hand (it was my girlfriend but I didn't knew at the moment) and I go to the living room, without even knowing that I'm walking, where I'm going or what I am doing.

    I remember I said goodbye to a friend that was leaving super fast without knowing why I was saying it, and while I was at the corridor all seemed like a series, like I was a camera on this series looking around, and there I realised I was super high, good thing is I just felt sick some seconds at the begining, anyways she threw me onto the bed of my friend's room and some minutes after that I again, realised I was so high (I had forgot it).

    I remember asking my girlfriend how much time I had been stoned thinking I had been like that for an hour, and suddenly she asks me: How much time have you been what? Since we're here at the room? And I told her: Nope, since I am like this.
    And she says: Like... 10 minutes or so. I was like: No way, that's not possible. And she told me: Yeah, it's only been 10 minutes.

    I told her to call my best friend when I thought I had been there 2 hours, I asked him for the time and he told me it had been like 30 mins.

    I was repeating all over: I don't know if I like it, feels weird, not bad, not good, I don't know...

    I remember of listening to music with my eyes closed and watching the notes as if it was some kind of game as guitar hero, so fucking cool.

    My vision remained me of a GoPro and color of the light changed depending on my mood, if I was happy it was warmer (orange) if I was stressed it was colder (blue-green), also depending on my mood the time was quick (if I felt good and enjoyed it) or slow.

    Finally it started to decrease to a point where it felt very relaxing while being totally aware, and I liked that so much.

    It was all pretty sudden and I don't really expected it, so it was a bit uncomfortable as it was the first time, but now I think I liked it.

    Anyways sorry for all that, I could specify a lot more like when my friend was doing jokes and I was not laughing but afterwards I remembered everything or when he throw cold water into my head while he joked about me throwing up and I believed it....

    Anyways hope you liked it.

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  17. 21 yrs old right now first time was around my grade 6 grad so 11yrs old. My older brother was a huge pothead for only being 2 yrs older but I caught him smokeing and flipped thinking he was on hard drugs or something. He had to calm me down thinking I was going to snitch on him so he explained to me the delight that is mary jane and my story continues on from there.

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  18. i brought bubba kush from a friend and rolled the shitest spliff ever and smoked it, this was about 20 mins away from my house but it took me 2-3 hours to get back because i was just so interested in the colours of everything i got frames and was just happy as fck about everything

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  19. 16 at the time, birthday was yesterday. Two of my school friends, one a certified stoner (A) and the other a moderate smoker (K) are having a birthday party at the moderate one's house. I lived in the same neighborhood so I could just walk over to her house. We head deep woods and start chatting, break out the weed and give a few smokes. A gets blazed as fuck, but I only end up a little dizzy. I'm a bit disappointed with my first smoke ever, but maybe I didn't do it right.
    Come back a little later in the day, we get down and smoke about three bowls out of this tiny as fuck little pipe. I dunno what kind of strain A had brought but those small bowls were hard as fuck. At first nothing really ends up happening, or at least to me. Also starts tripping and begins staring at the trees, and K starts seeing shit In slow fuckin motion. I laugh at her and Then I can't fucking stop. I keep giggling and giggling until we're all laughing and we're out of air. We sit around for a while longer until I realize that I'm high as fuck bro. Wind up looking at all the trees, and start thinking that there is nothing but this small little area I'm in. There was a pool on the neighborhood and I knew my house was past It and down a hill, but Every time I think about it there is only google maps images of the road there and a shitty clip art of the pool. I finally have to get home and manage to sound confident enough in what I'm talking about to get into bed without giving it away, but by that point I'm out of it as hell. Nothing seems real anymore, like when you've figured out while you're sleeping that you're in a dream. Every time I type I can barely do things correctly and thinking straight is like pushing through a blanket. I legit thought I was fucking dying, like I'd gotten permanent brain damage. I had no idea how difficult it was to overdose so I'm just sitting here like "I wanna enjoy this but dear god I am gonna die.
    It was pretty sweet
  20. I remember it like it was yesterday It was in the beginning of my eighth grade year I didn't get high but it was a fun experience my friend and I were going to go scare his sister where he knew she was smoking long story short I got offered a couple hits and took them. A couple weeks later smoked again didn't get high. The third time I got high as shit it was a couple days before Christmas and we have this thing where our town has a whole bunch of Christmas activities to do and me and my friend got high as shit we thought we looked cool so we smoked downtown no one cared though

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