Story of this weekend. Mj brownies for all???

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CheebaLaGanja, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. This weekend me and my friends decided to make some mj brownies we used a bunch of weed so that everyone could get high so we start to make the brownies and then while the brownies were in the oven some of my friends left for a little while because they had to go do some stuff real quick and only my friend brandon and i were left so the brownies are done and brandon eats a few and falls asleep i eat some and because we had just smoked a blunt i had the munchies so i ate some more and then i fixed myself another plate and another and another and so on then finally the others come back and there are like 4 brownies left and brandon wakes up as they walk in and i'm in the corner laughing my ass off because i was high as fuck and i knew that i had eaten almost all of the brownies so everyone just kept ripping on me for eating almost all of the brownies but it was really funny to me because i was so blown away

    Just thought I'd share for all the people who couldn't have been there.
  2. Don't bogart that brownie, my friend, pass it over to me!!! LOL Had a good weekend myself, glad you did too!! :smoking:
  3. i posted the story because i thought people might get a laugh at it i'm glad you enjoyed it cowboysaxman i surely enjoyed my weekend too
  4. what does everyone think? if you have any thoughts on that story go ahead and post
  5. i like brownies. I should make some but im too lazy. Ill just load a bowl. sigh.

    Z =)
  6. lol u sound like a friend of mine...leave any unattended food by him and u can expect it to be gone when u get back
    good story
  7. LMAO. I can just imagine your friends walking in on you stoned and giggling to fuck crouching in the corner!!! HA HA HA...

  8. lol that is exactly what happened i was sitting in the corner giggling my ass off trying to hit a bong dude that's weird i think you're like psychic or some shit
  9. I've never had brownies before, but from what I've heard they get you supremely fucked up. I'm surprised you ate so many and stayed awake if your friend fell asleep after a few.
  10. i can understand how you'd be soo incredibly high (must have felt great), but didn't you get a stomach ache. My stomach hurts if i just slightly overeat when im blazed or not, but a whole batch of brownies. I have a lot of respect for that. lol
  11. i was shocked that i was able to eat as much as i did i'm not a fat person so i didnt' think i was able to fill myself as much as i did but that was the highest i've ever been
  12. That sounds so fucking rad. I can totally imagine what it must have been like with you high as a kite and your friends walk in to see nearly all the brownies gone. Man I gotta try that some time :D

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