Story of a long lost stoner friend.

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  1. I just really want to get this out there because I feel lonely. My friend Josh whom I met in Senior year in high school was a pretty chill dude. On 420 I decided to go smoke some weed with him during lunch. It was my first time. We smoked out of a can and the weed was good. It had a strong kushy dense smell. When we both got back to class that's when the high started to kick in. My eyes were so red. Also I was slouching and laughing like every 5 seconds. I was so high that the room started to spin around and told me friend about it. Then he said, " shhh don't be obvious." Josh was doing perfectly fine but i was struggling. I eventually ditched class and went home to sleep. Forward like a year later that's when we both started smoking together heavily. Several times we would hotbox the sh*t out of my car. Take bong hit back and forth. That summer we hung out once or twice a week to smoke then get some munchies. We also hung out with other friends that he knew. I was suppose to hang out with him but he didn't text back. Few days later i text him again no reply. A week later i text again but no reply.  2 weeks later still no reply.I thought that he didn't want to hang out anymore something like that. I message him on facebook. He told me that he got caught sneaking out and parents read all the text. Since his parents are strict and conservative they pretty much freaked out. He couldn't go out anymore. a month later i message him if he wants to smoke but was still grounded. Then like 3 weeks later i message him again but he told me that he's probably done with weed. It's a good thing he changed but it was so sudden.. He's now at a different state. So now I smoke a like everyday. Sad thing is I smoke by myself and sometimes it feels lonely to the bone. It's so fun to smoke with others. I usually go to the same spot me and Josh used to smoke but it's just me now...

  2. That sucks man. You should try connecting with those other people you smoked with or just find some new smoking buddies. I'm sorry for your loss
  3. same thing happend to me got caught and now i havent smoked in like 50 days

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  4. Same thing with me, my best friend/ smoking buddy got caught and I just smoke by myself. It's good at times but can get lonely

    Pimp your elevations
  5. Aww man, that sucks. You should get your other close friends to start smoking pot, like I did. I kind of influenced a bunch of my friends to smoke pot. And it has been fun to talk to different people that are high. You never know what a person would be like when they're high, some may be very socialable and some may be plain annoying. 
  6. Ah yeah man I totally know what you mean. I miss my long lost stoner buddy too. But hopefully he's visiting soon.
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    things will eventually fall into place and you'll find a new smoking partner, it's what happens
  8. A story like this should become a movie.
  9. I sort  of tried but my friend think weed is bad 
  10. I shed a tear reading the OP.
    It will get better dude. Stay happy.
  11. Don't feel too bad, I've never smoked with anyone else, ever!
  12. This thread made me sad. I would smoke one with you OP
  13. Lol, I thought I would be the only one that would get emotional.
  14. Right in the feels, son.
    I am 23 now and miss all of my friends. Even the ones that I thought were kind of stupid.
    Death, moves, girls and the list goes on.
  15. Yeah man I know how you feel. Lost my true stoner buddy when he got caught. He had me when I was dry and I had him when he was. Those were the days. True Stoner buddies are once and a lifetime

    Peace and Pot
  16. Best friend and person I would always toke with no matter what has been on probation for awhile, however he's getting off soon so time to let the good times roll in again. :)

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  17. Sorry for the loss man, you can always try to befriend your fellow stoner colleagues, but always check for personality first before you add them in your domain. That'll save you from smoking with shitty people. 
    I'm sort of a stoner local celebrity in my town cause a lot of people know my name (which is not always good) so I blaze with them and present good vibes, spurt out wisdom, give advice, etc. I'm a chill tolerant person, but as soon as the person starts giving me petty drama, I drop them like Puberty.
  18. My best stoner friend who I smoke religously with is moving to Alberta in August, I'm not looking forward to the lonliness, seems rough.
  19. OP, you must find Josh & go visit him. Take life by the balls.

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  20. that nug had a dense smell, huh?

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