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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to grasscity, and I don't smoke weed very often so that results in a relatively low tolerance. :D
    So I was in my friends room and she has a vape, some rollies, and a bong. I've only smoked out of an apple pipe before.
    We got things started with the vape. I took around 3 or 4 hits from the vape, can't remember. Then, she rolled me a small joint and I smoked half of it, so like 4 hits. Then, I took 3 hits from her bong that's around a foot and a half tall. I stopped then, and by then it had already hit my friend who was just tripping out and passed out in the bed. At this point, it hadn't hit me yet.
    Then, about 10 minutes later, I was on her patio and it had hit me at that point. At first it just felt like a normal high. That normal sort of hazy light-headed dreamy disconnected from reality feeling that I can't describe haha. But then, I started to panic a bit because my heart was beating really really fast, but I couldn't control the panic so I asked if we could sit inside. Then, thats when things got really bad. The lighting in her room was really really dim, so that tripped me out.
    I asked her, "How long is this gonna take to wear off!?"
    She said, "One sec, let me turn on some caalmm music so that you can just chill out. Calm down, we're safe in my room. You're fine"
    So for some reason. once the music was on, I totally tripped out and almost got lost in the music. I zoned the FUCK out, and I was just laughing about shit and I couldn't hear anything else that was going on around me besides me giggling and the music. I can't even remember what I was doing, but I remember feeling soooo calm and happy and just mellow and cozy and every good possible feeling there is out there while I was zoned out. Then, I came back to normal and started FREAKING out because it was like I couldn't control what I was doing while I was zoned out. I was so zoned out that even a day after I can't even remember what I was doing, I can only describe how it felt. That just KEPT happening over and over. I would zone the fuck out, do stupid shit that I can't remember doing (slam cups on the table, pace back and forth, draw with sharpie on my hand, walk downstairs) and then come back to normal and feel all scared.
    I drew on my hands with red sharpie, and 10 minutes later forgot about it. At this point, my friend assumed I was calmed down so she thought it would be funny to say, "Look, being high has turned you fingers red!"
    I looked down at my hands and said "Oh my god!!!" and paniced. I kinda made a startled sound, but involuntarily. This is when I made the assumption it was laced, because why would I believe my hands would turn red from being high? Like wtf.
    So she called the dealer because I was still tripping out and she said, "Listen, I don't think you would lace my weed, but is it stronger than usual? Because my friend who doesn't smoke often smoked a lot of it and is seriously acting like he's under the influence of psychedelics"
    He replied and said, "Yeah, I should of warned you. That was the last of my girlfriends medical weed"
    After this point I just decided I should sleep it off. It would be a lot better than staying awake and panicing. So I did that. I woke up, still feeling the same amount of high, and went home. Today (the day after smoking this weed), I feel a bit out of it still and kinda like I'm in a dream.

    My question is: did I just have wayy to much of this dank medical stuff, or is weed simply not for me? Maybe I had underlying anxiety I didn't know about that the weed brought up, but this experience was nothing like I've felt before when under the influence of pot. Has something similar ever happened to anyone else?

    Thank you! :) :smoke:
  2. You just smoked too much, people forget weed is a hallucinogen too.
  3. You just gotta chill.
    Weed makes you high. Being high causes weird feelings. Get used to it or don't smoke. Also don't smoke that much before you even feel anything. Bad idea, as you can see.
  4. 4 hits from a vape, half a joint and 3 bong rips!?

    That's a lot for a new comer. Just be glad you didn't puke!

    Next time,take it easy and have like 1/3 of what you did that night.
  5. You just smoked too much
  6. ^^^Hilarious

    To answer your question though, you probably had too much, since you have not been smoking a lot and you have low tolerance. You smoked high grade medical weed out of a vape, joints, and a bong I'm pretty sure anyone would have gotten high as fuck. Don't worry about it people get high as fuck sometimes and don't know wtf is going on. As long as you didn't go too overboard with freaking out you'll be fine. The next time you smoke of medical it probably won't be as crazy next time since you've had it now. I suggest not smoking so much at one time since you haven't been smoking that much though.
  7. Mucho mucho marijuana
  8. Too much weed makes you puke?!
  9. makes me jealous, OP. Here I can't smoke til next May and you're firing on all cylinders haha.

    Seems to me like you smoked some good weed. You just aren't used to the incredible feeling of high lol.

    When I got like that I would listen to some radiohead or the cure in my mp3player and just chill til everything calmed down.
  10. too much too fast. Beginners luck really, i think everyone does it atleast once.
    I wish i could do it again lol :smoke::smoke:
  11. Thanks everybody, that experience almost turned me off from weed completely. Almost ;)
  12. [quote name='"JakeMader"']Thanks everybody, that experience almost turned me off from weed completely. Almost ;)[/quote]

    Youll be back
  13. yeah vapes and bongs will both get you fucked up lol. plus if it was medical you had some danky

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