Story Bout Last Night!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WestCoastStoner, May 1, 2004.

  1. MAN!!! i got in the biggest fuckin rumble in my life last night....ay'one was scrappin, i mean, the bitches were TOO!!!

    it all started from my man bumpin into someone, and that someone that he was tough and started mouthin off....well, my homie has hardly any tolerance, so he just straight up punched the guy in the face....layed him out right on the spot.....and my homie got on top and just started poppin this fools jaw.....

    well, one of the guys homies jumps in and just knees my partna in the jaw.....that shit looked like it hurt, but he just stayed where he was......(this is where i come in :))

    well, right when my man got kneed , i just straight up jumped over my homeboy and tackled that fool.....i was literally on the fools face, i jumped so fuckin high....i couldnt believe it, lol.......and im just poppin this fools jay, and he hittin me back....but shit, i pushed my self off of him cus that muthafucka hit HARD!! he gave me a huge fat lips and big ass knot on my head......we went at at for like, at most 6 minutes.....but we were pretty beat up......

    but my homie called me up and said that the fool he punched has to go to the hospital to fix a BROKEN man just shattered that shit!!!!
  2. hahaa

    mutha f***a pulled 360 flip baby right over my homebody ..knocked this bitch out with my boots ..kneed my homeboy in the jaw i poped a cap in his ass ...everybody pulled guns threw down ..n***as getting shot, n***as jumping every whichway ..n***as doin 360 flips!

    haha thats the best story.
  3. ??????

    u have officially confused me.......
  4. Not to say I don't believe your story, but have you guys ever noticed how whenever someone tells a story about a fight, it's always about how much of a hardass they are? "Dude, this guy came up to me talking shit and spilled his drink on me, he was like 6 inches taller than me but I kicked the shit out of him, then I had sex with his girlfriend. I'm so cool."
  5. It does seem thats how WCS protrayed himself or his friend.

    However, lets use some simple logic here. Say I got into a fight and won, damn, I'd be happy to tell people about that. If i lost on the other hand, I would only talk about it if its brought up. That sir is why you have only "noticed how whenever someone tells a story about a fight, it's always about how much of a hardass they are".

  6. I don't think it is just that. I have a friend who tries to act tough all of the time. He tells me about all these fights he's been in and stuff. He told me he beat up 2 guys, when actually, it went like this: he was in a car with 2 guys, and they stopped somewhere and they all got out. He locked the keys in the car "as a joke" and the two guys beat the shit out of him. He brags about stuff like that all of the time, and it really pisses me off.

  7. lol, I don't think it's much of a joke if he locked the keys in the car... it's real. then these guy's beat him up over it? what was he even doing with them? is he retarded or something?
    eh some people... *shakes head*

    That's true about how you hear about the stories, if they lost they don't talk, unless it's to people they don't know, or will never see. usually people with mouths are only that. mouths.
  8. how did i make myself sound tough.....all i did was tackle him and rock him a few times, but after that it was pretty even.......
  9. Why can't we all just smoke a bowl and get along?
  10. woah bro thats like fsho dawg up in the shizzie. damn yo ur homies are fo shizzle

  11. I never said I didn't believe you, I just wanted to bring that up.
  12. yo nigga you gangsta! woo WOO!!!! pop a cap in dat foo's ayss.....knawmeen?

  13. chill homie......
  14. If you want everyone to understand you, speak english maybe.
  15. Good stuff, fights are alawyas fun

  16. oh, my people understand me.....a lotta people understand me......its just ignorant fucks like yall are too dumb to understand a lil slap......lift ya face up boy or get burnt.......

  17. Maybe you should stop and think about who the "ignorant fuck" is. You talk like a 12 year old suburban white kid who has spent the last 3 years of his life glued to his couch watching mtv.

  18. LOL, homie.....u tryin to tell me how i live, when we never even spoke to eachother are seen eachother???

    i dont give a fuck wut yall think bout how i talk.....i talk how i talk, and u cant do shit.......and wut the fuck is a little wing anyways???

    u mean Little Wang???
  19. You Beez a gansta ya heard?

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