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  1. So there's a girl.

    We dated for about a year and a half, ending last December. I had a rebound for quite a few months to try to forget about this girl but I couldn't forget. Now I'm not seeing anyone but I've been hanging out with this girl, enjoying every moment. When I'm with her I feel like I'm younger and my life is incredible again.

    There were a few times where I could have had this girl again, but I passed because I was scared of getting hurt again or having my life destroyed. Now, I decided to stop lying to myself and go for it.

    She goes to a different school than I do and she lives on campus (I commute so my college life is boring). I visited her for the first time today and it felt so strange for me to be hanging out with her friends. Sometimes she'd grab my hand and other times she'd push it away. She gives me a nice kiss goodbye when I have to head home, then texts me later saying she still loves me but she's terrified of being hurt.

    Blades, I won't lie. I'm checking my phone every 30 seconds for a text from her. She's starting this new life at school while I'm in the same rut. Truth is we used to always talk about spending our lives with each other. I spent just about every night with her, always waking up next to her before we made breakfast. Her mom called me her son and I've never felt happier. Call it stupid young love, but I barely saw her for a year and now that I'm hanging out with her again it still feels real and I can barely talk about it without choking up :|

    I turn 20 next month and she's 18. Yeah, you can call it young dumb love but wow... that's what I want. Am I wrong to want it?

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