Story about your first time smoking weed?

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  1. I first tried pot a few years ago when I was 16. I had my wisdom teeth removed the day before. Even though I was in intense pain and should have been resting, I decided to go and hang out with a few of my friends. The three of them had all started smoking weed. I hadn't .We walked around the neighbourhood a bit and stopped for a bit at the tennis court of my old middle school. They started to smoke weed and decided I could have a couple hits from the pipe. Then we walked over to Dominos and got a pizza. 

  2. My first time was with my dad.. :3
  3. hahaha my first time smoking remeber it just like it was yesturday i decided i wanted to buy my own right because lots of my friends smoke but i never had and i went and bought a nickel bag of some dank ass shit i mean really potent i knew the dealer and to this day still buy from him anyway i go home with this dank shit go into the restroom and roll it up i have practiced rolling before so i know how to roll a joint already. so i rolled the joint up and put it inside my gaming ben for tommorow i already had a pack of lighters (5 pack of bics) so i planned on smoking but ok the next day came and i walked up to the bus stop and everyone started coming around so i light up (researched how to inhale properly on the enternet) and i blew out and i finished the roach and i got on the bus put eye drops in dabed on some cologne and had snacks already prepared so i was set and as i got on the bus i really could not feel the weed literally i was not high then it hit me everything started feeling better and i listened to jimi hendrix-angle (if you have not heard this song high try it out trust me it is tripppy) and i smiled and i felt like my mouth was going to wrap around my face then my eyes felt squinted and so i did all my work that day and i was really stoned for at least 3 classes and my friends who knw i was high was just making me laugh my ass of all day great days cause i started smoking on a daily basis :smoking:
  4. My first time, it was summer after 8th grade. My friend who lived in china was visiting for the summer and she said she could find us weed. We took half a joint from her dad's office and smoked in her bedroom. Her mom walked in when we were done and we almost got busted, I didn't even get high but I felt like a badass😂
  5. When I had graduated high school, I the most innocent kid- I had only had a few beers in my lifetime, was captain of the wrestling team, had never smoked, gotten laid, etc... Life for me senior year was wrestling everyday and waiting tables/wrestling tournaments over the weekend. That was my life. And it was awesome. I moved in to my dorm freshman year, and was so taken aback at what I saw: my roommates were drinking beers, smoking bongs, etc... I was so surprised I even contemplated calling the cops on them... holy fuck haha I was such a douche. First time I ever smoked, my roommates had a bunch of their friends from high school over, and we were hitting the bong, playing fifa, drinking- a good time. I remember ripping the bong, and the rest is history.

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  6. My first time was amazing. It was 1966 and I was playing music and making great friends and good money. When my birthday rolled around, a buddy in another band invited to an after party. They had a pound of Afghan hash.....very strong, delicious.....most of my musician friends were there, and told me that I did well and asked if wanted some....I laughed and said " I want it all," and laughed....I was given an ounce...and it took another month for me to find weed.....laughs

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  7. I coughed a lot and didn't really feel any effects. 
  8. my first time (getting high not smoking) was great it was me and me only I am in my room and I am using my brass pipe and take about I would say 1 Gram and I was out of this worl I would lean back in this chair close my eyes and would feel like I was doing backflips haha them days!
  9. My first time was in 8th grade man it was as intense as it gets. At first I didn't feel anything I had smoked a few times before but I think I was doing it wrong because this day was different. So we smoked the joint right after school and after we finish I was like a the same as before. All of sudden I felt in intense feeling like I was dreaming sort of like the beggining of half baked. The movie. Anyways I got really scared and told my friends to wake me up or pinch me because this high could not be real. So it was real as it gets. Long story short I been smokin ever since but It has never felt like the first time again.

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  10. Man you guys started smoking hella early lol. My first time smoking was towards the end of my senior year in high school. I was with three other people and me and two other of my friends never smoked before so after school we went with my other friend in his car and went to go smoke in a neighborhood near the school. We smoked out of a wooden pipe and I didn't get high at all.

    The first time I got high was during the summer after I graduated high school. I snuck out my house late at night and one of my friend picked me up to go to this guys house and his parents weren't there cause they were in vacation. They had this 5 foot or so green bong and there was ice in it and a bowl already packed. So me thinking nothing of it, takes this huge rip and next thing I know, I'm eating everything in his house lol. I eventually passed out on the bottom of his steps which I don't even know or remember why there, and I woke up and just puked all over his floor. After that I told me friend that I wanted to go home and I left lol. I felt bad about not cleaning my puke up but later on hooked them up on a sack. Good memories man.

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  11. First time it was a group of like 8 people, we all left school to go to my friends house. They rolled like 3 blunts, lit em, and put em in rotation. By the 5th hit i was paranoid as hell and ready to go home, so i bounced. Idk how i got home, everything was literally in slow-mo. Never been that high since, but close :eek:

    Roll Another One.
  12. I laughed at my self in the mirror because i was laughing and i laughed even harder because i didnt know why i was laughing for like 20 minutes my stomach was sore the next day..then i talked to myself the wholeee night non stoppp oh and ate to big bags of bbq chips i felt sick afterwards
  13. all i wanted was to lay in the street and look at the stars. i did. 
  14. I tripped harder than on actual boomers and Cid. No lie.  It was the most trippiest high of any kind I've ever had. 
    It was also one of the dankest looking purple weed I've seen even to this date lol.
  15. oh wow lets see....i cant remember the exact, first time.... but i remember the first "times" i got really fucking blazed, fell in love with Mary..
    i was ~16-17, it was 02', me and a couple of friends from high school had pitched in and bought a little glass spoon pipe from the single headshop in my town back then, pitched in bought some shitty mexican commercial weed, and everyday after school we'd smoke, then every morning before school, at lunch, and after school.. i guess i was a junior in high school, turned into a pothead :)

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