Story about the shoes that lost their way

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SenorDingDong, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. So i gotta story for you bored peeps about some old vans classics I have.

    Usually on the weekends I go to bars and get drunk with friends, then if I strikeout with the female kind, I go smoke many a bowl and cruise around town skateboarding at like 3:00 AM. And I always wear my yellow vans classics, cuz theyre just da shit.

    SO this one night I was really just annihilated, out of my mind, skating around some dentist office park, just curious like a cat. When I smoke weed I get super curious, and when I drink I have no fear -- malevolent intent never enters my mind, its always just innocent exploration. So Im lookin around this childrens dentist complex, and just lookin in the windows and stuff doing some reminiscing, when all of a sudden I step right into this swamp pond type of thing. Now Im thinking, "fuck fuck fuck! My favorite vans, ruined with stinky shitty swamp knack!" I dont remember where I threw these shoes, but I remember taking them off with my socks and throwing them on top of some building, then washing the smelly swamp shit off my feet in a drinking fountain and skating all the way home barefoot. Lucky me. :smoking:

    SO I get home and go to sleep, all bummed out about my shoes.

    Fast forward 5 weeks -- go to bars, get drunk, strikeout with females, smoke many bowls, go skate at 3am. (I had on some eS Accels this time if you must ask :p ) SO Im skating around the elementary school I used to go to, which is not too far from the dentist park. Get a drink of water, look around, and I see these shoes on top of a lunch bench. . .get closer, and realize they are Vans. . .get even closer, and realize they are my long lost Vans! The ones I thought perished that one fateful evening. I put two and two together and realized I threw them on top of the school building where the drinking fountain was. . .I tried them on, and they were a little snug from sitting on top of some building in the sun for 5 weeks, remarkably cleaner than I remembered them. The janitors must have been on the roof and found them. So I skated home, and now once again they sit in my room, awaiting another amazing afterhour skate session. Toke on friends :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:
  2. +rep for the voyage story thats amazing you found your school while high, damn i had some reef flip flops with the beer bottle openers on the bottomn and after drinking way to much jamesons whiskey( im wearing my jameson shirt i just remembered) and tripped and broke them and havent gotten a new pait yet so yeah i know the love a man can have with his fav shoes.
  3. Haha. Crazy shit man. Glad you got your long lost friends back :)
  4. damn thats tight. that reminds me of this one paintball gun i sold to some kid and like a year later i was hanging out with a new friend. one of his friends came over and he had the paintball gun i sold to the kid. it was wierd and it had gone through like 5 owners.
  5. lol that reminds me when me and my friend used to smoke at this spot back in january when he would spend the night at my house. he used to drink black cherry cola i think (all i know is that its black cherry), and i went and smoked yesterday with a friend and i saw like 3 cans, and then it hit me, so i started laughing. my friend asked what the hell was so funny, and i had to explain to him.

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