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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cyborgfromhell, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. it was my first time smoking some weed. one of my friends(josh) brought some over and we made a gravity bong using a 3 liter bottle and the bathtub. he said it was a high thc kind called northern lights but i didn't think anything about it. so we decided to load some and hit it. after i had hit it about 5-6 times i said that i wasn't feeling anything and he told me to take a few more hits so i did. then after we got done finishing the rest of the bong we went to watch a movie and eat and shit. about 10 mins into the movie i start getting this crazy feeling and all my troubles just didn't seem to be there. I FELT GREAT. so we just stayed up a while watching the rest of the movie and some television and shit. the next morning we waked and baked and then later that day i went out and bought my first bag of pot which was an ounce. i have been smoking now for 3 months. -cyborgfromhell
  2. ha i remember my first time, i was mad baked it was after 420 and me and my friends had about a ounce and a half and my friend had this home mad bong that was the fucking shit we packed a huge bowl i killed it i was so high that day woo good times
  3. my first time was a home-made peice too. it was kinda shitty though, but i got high. we played pool and drank some hard liquor. fun fun fun

  4. my first tiem i didnt even get high man it sucked
  5. is wake and bake past tense "woke and boke?"
  6. no man its woke baked i thought for a long ttime about that when i wan stoned. it cant be woke and boke cause boke is wrond and it cant be waked and baked cause waked is wrong. to bad it dosent rhyme in the past
  7. maybe its wake n bake yesterday after today before tomorrow one week before next week a year after last year and a year before next year.
  8. i've seen first time smokers go white, green and a strange shade of purple. i've seen 'em puke, nod, go rambling about the wallpaper.

    i have however never seen an embarrasing first time toke story here at the city...
  9. Since someone wanted to hear a bad first time story, i thought i'd share mine with you.

    I had been wanting to try it for a long time, so my boyfriend at the time decided to give me some in a tea.
    Well i drank it, and then, because i didn't feel anything i drank his too.
    We were watching shrek, and after a while the movie started to be sooo much funnier. Then i just kept on laughing for no reason, and i was feeling great.
    Then i went to the bathroom and thought: "what if i get addicted?" or something like that.
    Throughout the night, i just got more and more stoned and it was so incredibly scary!
    First i had hallusinations, and i saw some weird faces right before me, then i thought my boyfriend's leg was a log and i had to hold on to it to keep me from being swept away by a river (the bed) :p

    My heart began to race and i honestly thought i was going to die, my boyfriend has told me afterwards that i had some sorts of big spasms. it looked as though i was having a heart attack, and then i puked for a looong time^_^
  10. my first time getting stoned (lol, after 2 unsuccessful attempts) i just finished a joint with a few friends and then i felt kinda different, then halfway through my hit from a 3 foot zong i just kinda went absolutely retarted, it took me a while how to figure out how to move, i was in my own little world and it was amazing
    i havent gone more than a week without smoking ever since, and that was september 2001
  11. first time i smoked i didnt get stoned, or even buzzed.... took me about 5 times to get stoned.... up until then, i didnt thin it worked, but the first time i got high, i was sooo wasted, that was the best high ever... some dank bud
  12. i got totally baked the first time i got high.

    the funny thing is, that this is almost impossible, in best case very, very rare.

    the thing about thc is that it needs receptors in the brain to function as an intoxicating substance. these receptors are normally not developed unless the brain has prior experience with thc. this is why most must try 1-2 times before they get stoned.

    i'm convinced that my mum must'a been tokin' whilst i was a little baby still in her woumb and not yet born :)

    and she's never said a thing in all this time, hmmm...
  13. ...most must try 1-2 times before...

    of course that is 2-3 times


    don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type, don't smoke and type

    use use alt-v for that matter ;P
  14. i dont know about that one. almost all my friends got baked there first time.

    seems to me its that the lungs arent developed to inhale the smoke, and after they learn how, which could take 1-2 tries, then they get baked.

    all i know is I smoked before my first time getting stoned, so i knew how it was done, and i got ripped.
  15. my first time was just a pinner and a small bowl.....jesus i was so baked.....i couldnt walk talk or was the best high i have ever had and i havent been able to get it ever sence....
  16. i got a buzz my first time smoking, i hit 2 bowls with a couple of friends. About a week later i tryed it again with a different friend and I got completly fucked up. Twas good
  17. the first time i smoked was when school was over and... who cares...
  18. First time I got high. Wow man...

    I was with my friend(PJ) who has also never smoked before. We were in 8th grade and driving around with his sister who I now know is one of the top dealers in STL(Sold to a few pro football players, don't care if u believe) but yeah so we were driving in her sebring and me and PJ bought a dub of some Wohoeowohwohowowohwohowh dank bud man... wow I didn;t know how good it was then but I found out later. We drove around and smoked that whole 1/8 and I didn't feel nothing. Then she dropped us off at PJ's house cuz he had to do some work moving benches for his Grandpa. He wanted us to move these picnic benches like to a spot 30 feet away from where they already were. So we started to pick it up, Grandpa watching us like a hawk, and I just fall on the bench laughing my ass of I swear I thought I would throw up I laughed so hard. (PJ's grandpa thinking wtf is wrong with them too) then we finally stopped laughin and picked the bench up and moved it(He;s still watching us, cant believe he didnt know.) then we fell down laughin again right in front of him and he said what the hell, ill do it myself you goofballs. (PJ's family is very christian and never curse) So we're both laughin and say "What the fuck!" Pointin our fingers and shit like look at that old fuck!" and hes standing right there. Then we rode bikes around the house block for like 2 hours thinkin we were goin somewhere.

    anyways... w/e i loved that day.
  19. My friend (JB) tried for his first time last week, we smoked during the lunch hour at school. It started out ok, we were walking in the street and he was kinda quiet, but from what he told me I knew he was baked. We got some donuts, he got a chocolate one which he told me was pineapple flavor and it was the best donut he had ever eaten. But then when we went back to school, he started to bad trip. My other friend was catching up on some homework, and JB was watching his pen while he was writing, then JB just started to laugh his ass off, but his laughing turned into crying, and he just wouldnt stop crying. I tried to calm him down by talking to him, but he wouldnt register anything. I forced him to go to the bathroom so he could drink some water. He was feeling better after, but he got scared a couple more times during the rest of the day. He saw a dude in the recess yard and told me that the dude was the devil and he was gonna kill everyone. The only period we had in the afternoon was history, we were gonna watch a stupid movie, and when we were watching it he started crying again. Then he started saying all this crap that everyone just acted normal but in fact they're all sad inside, and they just act normal to hide it.
    Fun stuff.
  20. first 4 times i didnt get stoned but by the 5th, i roled a blunt with some friends in a park and holy shit, i haven't been that high since then, we just sat there at a park bench, laughing out asses off and everybody was staring and i was just like playing with this toy boat i found in the sand pit and it was great

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