Storm Shoutin

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by DaCaptn, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Storm Shoutin

    If one has never been ta sea
    Then they don't understand
    The fear that comes into the heart
    Of us tiny men

    Who dare ta brave da ragin storm
    Da wind tossed breakin waves
    That come ta steal a sailors life
    Ta send ta watery graves

    Da decks awash with salty foam
    Da spray's as hard as rocks
    Da sailors heart is wishin now
    They'd never left da dock

    We do it for da freedom
    Found atop da ragin waves
    For shootin stars and comets tails
    For music sung by Whales

    For twinklin blinkin Harbour lights
    For Jasmine sented breeze
    We keep on sailin through da storm
    And shoutin out WE'RE FREE!!!

  2. to be free... i could only imagine what it'd be like to be free like that.

    keep 'em comin' cap'n :D
  3. Cottons to do anythingum ya want ta do! I didn't start sailin til I was in my late 20's. Most of life's real accomplishments are done later in life. That's da way it's set up. Don't despaire you CAN be free!!!
    Da"Sail Free"Captn

  4. what a beautifull reminds me of my dad, he joined the merchant navy at 16....he's circumnavigated the globe twice by the time he hit 21, he allways told me stories of all the places he's been and boats so big they had a royal enfield motorbike at each side to get you to the bow......some were so big he said it took them 9 miles in full reverse to stop...thank you for that DaCaptn.....Peace out....Sid
  5. Well, your Dad sailed bigger ships than I , mon! I just sailed sail boats and private power boats all over the Southern Hemisphere. Different kind of sailing but the same sea!!! We always had ta keep a 24/7 watch out for those BIG BOYS cause they would run ya down and not even know they hit ya! Like ya said some of um take over 9m MILES just ta stop!
    DaThanks For Lookin"Captn

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