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Storm Season!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. It's an exciting time of year to live around here! Tornado #1 just came thru! 1 mile north and west of us! It came up so fast I got caught napping, did'nt have the vid cam ready so did a chinese fire drill trying to get everything ready, and took off after it. Debris shut down any chance of catching up to it!

    So far only looks like 2 injuries, it stayed outta the towns, but they got a lot of looking to do as it stayed down for about 20 miles.

    Makes your heart beat a little faster, and reminds you your alive.
  2. oooooo......oakie's chasing tornadoes. i have always wanted to see one, from a distance though.
  3. I hopr that one stays away from here. Usually you get the bad weather and then we get it!
  4. okie thats soooo cool! you are a tornado chaser lol. wow, I can only imagine what that is like. I wouldnt mind chasing one down just to experience that feeling of power when mother nature lets us know whos in charge!
  5. I was a storm chaser when I did'nt even know it!

    A soon as I had wheels, me and my buds would twist a couple and go chase thunderstorms just cause it was something to do. About the fifth run, we got right in the path of one unknowingly, learned real fast which side of the storm to stay on! If they get rain-wrapped, you can't see them until they're on you. Wished I'd had a vid-cam back in the 80's, it would probably still be playing on the discovery channel.

    Probably drove 5,000 miles doing this. Seen 2. You have to be very patient. And like driving. Or riding.
  6. i been in a couple of tornadoes. 1 in WV was about a quarter mile from us... the other was about the same distance... 'cept i was riding my bike home from the mall... going right down the same road the twister was on. it was intense. didn't get to see it though... a couple friends who were working in one of the stores told me about it. they saw it pick up a shopping cart and throw it through some car's windshield.

    hope everyone here stays safe from the storms. it is tornado season out there in the plains... i gotta wait 'til late july for it to start getting good here :D
  7. Gotta love those super-cells, huh? The last one that blew through here,(N. Texas), dropped larger than golf-ball sized hail, unfortunately it not only pummelled the shit outta my car, but it killed two of my freshly sprouted babys, and fried the modem in my new "puter".
  8. yea u gotta love the twisters. Once we were at a campground and one came F-3 i think it was. Anyway it was tearing the shit outta everything so we had to leave and so there a traffic jam on the hwy to get outta there and all of sudden we see this VW Wagon with some guys in it w/ vid cams going the other way at like 80 mph. Its was pretty funny.
  9. Officially 23 homes damaged, 3 destroyed, 3 injuries, only 1 serious. F2, 113 to 157 mph winds. Stayed down for 9 miles.

    Once again, there were storms all around, but this one came outta nowhere. I was out cold on the couch when the sirens went off. Dreamed I was listening to War Pigs by Sabbath!:)

    Went out today and helped a co-worker look for his cows, he was missing 10. Found 6, 2 dead, 1 had to be put down. One was a calf. Pretty scratched up, but ok. I dubbed him Toto.

    That will probably be it for us. Always seems like you have one close to you and you're done for a couple of years.

    But I shall have the video stuff ready the rest of the season.

    And no more naps while storms are anywhere around!
  10. how much money can you make off of some good tornado footage? just curious.
  11. Dunno. Never had any.

    But from what I understand, it's pretty much negotiable.

    Tend to get more if ya got good stuff, like, say, a bunch of cops beating up a black guy. Heard that dude got pretty rich off of that.
  12. Never seen a tornado but we get hurricanes here.

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