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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by :::===={XX}, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. A big storm hit us last week lasted for like 3 days stong winds nocking over trees and blowing roofs of houses and floods all sorts of bad shit there was even a tornado in the next town. We arnt supposed to get tornados down under.

    any way my fully matured plant was out in this storm it got all bent but didnt break amazingly. like all the branches are all leaning to 1 side. My question is should I Harvest now like 80% of hairs are brown but the tricombs the little crystals most of them are gone. Should I wait like 1 week or should I harvest now?
  2. HIGH All, if the storm didn't do much damage...why not wait.
  3. HIGH All, the best way to tell is to examine the resin glands on each bud. They will turn from clear to amber, that is the optimum time to pick.
  4. HIGH All, here is some reading. Pic I'll se if I can find.

    Ok here are some pics and a good write up.
  5. well I harvested now all dry and I have some nice buds.

    manicuring is a bitch.

  6. HIGH All, yes..but well worth it eh!!! Glad your girls survived and your All happy.
  7. Is that part on the GrowFAQ new?

    I don't remember that....oh well..

    Yeah, trichomes are the only true way to know when to harvest. Some harvest when they are clear, but that cuts yield greatly, some harvest when they are milky-colored; the supposed "peak" of thc and the most complex high supposedly comes from harvesting when a mix of different colored trichs can be, the trichomes act as sort of a "harvest barometer", which I can see with my $10 radio shack 10-100x pocket microscope :p. It's one of the cheapest and most effective investments you can make to ensure a good, properly timed harvest, and it also makes it much easier to spot pests like mites and identify them. :)
  8. From that trichome guide you posted a link to, unoit:

    "Quite possibly, the most important reason for the evolution of the THC laden capitate-stalked trichomes is the intercession of man in the natural selection process, favoring genotypes that produce copious amounts of THC laden trichomes."


    As impressive as evolution is, I don't think plants are QUITE that smart. :p

  9. HIGH All, posted the link for pictures of thics...evolution...nope not going there *LOL*.

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