Storm coming

Discussion in 'General' started by Truestonergeek, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Over my grandmothers house and I found this new dealer. He says he can get me some mids for a good price so I can get fried during the storm. He hasn't showed up yet but I hope he fuckin comes...
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  3. I feel ya man. Getting absolutely torched during thunderstorms is fun :D I look forward to spending rainy days alone with my bong and some movies. Thunder that shakes your entire house is exciting when you're blitzed lol. Hopefully your dude pulls through eh?
  4. Yea man were on the same page he still hasn't showed up but he called and said he was still coming thru...stay lifted man
  5. hope it doesn't rain in arizona cause i just wash my car yesterday lol
  6. Well steezy if it rains in Arizona just get someone from your fan thread to help wash your car when the storm stops
  7. haha i trust nobody with my car ;p
  8. Haha youre not letting them drive it your letting them wash it there is a difference
  9. when i was little storms made me cry because i was scared
  10. smoked up with my roommates during the month of august when there was a massive storm n we started trippin out when we saw lightning near us xD
  11. Your post is more pointless. At least his can begin a conversation.

    Honestly man I would've even walked to his place if I had to regardless of the storm. I love that shit. I ran to my dealer's place the other day through moderate rain, and he was all worried that I was so wet and the girl that lives there thought I might get sick :confused: Fuck dat shit, I'll get wet in the rain all day, makes getting home, slipping into some dry clothes and packing a bowl so much more rewarding and relaxing

  12. that chick was trying to get you naked and dryed off.
    fail on your part man
  13. LOL the same thought passed through my mind! Believe me I would've gone for her a long time ago were she not taken :rolleyes:
  14. Well the so called "dealer" never came thru so
    I've been dry all day

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