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  1. [ame=]Storm clouds roll into Midlothian, VA - YouTube[/ame]

    I myself live in Finland, and here we have for the last 4-5 days crazy fucked up weather, its like super hot and storm and lightning everywhere... but it feels like shit like this is going on all over the world, is 2012 really the end ?
  2. I hope 2012 is zombies, I'd team up with woody harrellson or Sylvester Stallone and fuck shit up
  3. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!! I live in Roanoke, Va... I was skating in my drive way smoking an L when this rolled in... to be honest it SCARED THE FUCK OUTA ME! i live on the tippy top of the tallest mtn in the area and this cloud was as wide as i could see and it was rollling like that. it brought in huge winds and lightning, no rain through but holy shit i got some dank views and pics that day:cool:
  4. I see this like everyday in AZ during the Monsoon season.
  5. i had those here last week, nothing to worry about. Plus when the time comes it comes, nothing we can do to stop or slow it. So just enjoy life and dont worry about shit like this. (GMG)

  6. im not actually worried about it... I rather would enjoy seeing the world end in my lifetime just like this.... not that I wish anything bad to other people, not at all, I just think that it would be cool way to end this shit. :)
  7. normal around here

    I think half the country is still in a drought
  8. Wow, that is fucking intense. A friend of mine has lived in Richmond (right near midlothian) for a long time and he's NEVER seen a storm like that roll in.
  9. Wow, that looks so amazing and scary at the same time lol.
  10. what amazes me most about it is how fucking big the shit was, i saw it on the same day, around the same time and im like 300 miles away from where this video was takin...

    intense shit:cool:
  11. It's the government controlling the weather!!!11

    We are doomzd!!1
  12. [quote name='"l James l"']It's the government controlling the weather!!!11

    We are doomzd!!1[/quote]

    I had a guy that would talk about all that shit and that the government could make it rain by putting clouds in the sky ..... If this was true the government would use it since it seems in Cali we less rain every year and it gets hotter
  13. you are all the best people I know. ever.

  14. Because it's controlled/funded by the government lol. They last thing that care about is helping people.
  15. [quote name='"Demiurge"']

    Because it's controlled/funded by the government lol. They last thing that care about is helping people.[/quote]

    But if crops fail, food prices go up, oil prices go up and oh wait I see now...

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