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Storm Chasers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Monet, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Does anyone here get really jazzed up by tornados, hurricanes and really awesome thunderstorm displays? I have been told I am crazy for actually seeking out tornados. But where I live, they aren't all that common and the power they weild is absolutely awesome.

    I wish I worked for some meterological bunch or some kind of outfit where you could get paid to chase storms and research them...
  2. how gay...
  3. so what do you get really worked up about?

  4. hey now, thats not nice.

    anyway storms are pretty cool, a few weeks ago me and some buds were skimming in this storm and saw this water tornado thing. it was pretty nice.
  5. While I wouldnt chase a tornado, or even neccesairily stand outside and take in my surrounding during one, due to the fact I enjoy my presence upon this earth, they do interest me greatly. Such raw power. Nature is capable of anything..the entire human race could be taken out in one giant earthquake.

    But yea..I like watching thunderstorms, especially when your at the beach, thunder crashing clearly into the middle of the ocean is a beautiful sight.
  6. yeah storms are sick as hell and I love the smell of ozone with a crazy lightning show!
  7. If I lived in a place with tornado's I would for sure get blazed and go check them out.... that is if it wasnt so big it would kill me. Either way though it would probaly be quite a site to see.
  8. Those stormchasers are ballsey(if thats a word). Espicially the guys who are in the airplanes, now there insane! :)
  9. when its thunderstorming out i like to go out on my porch, smoke a bowl and just watch the lighting
    there is something that is almost hyponotizing about it
  10. about a month abck i was downtown on a lake and watched a lightning storm across and on the far half of the lake at 2 in the morning while insanly blazed. that shit is amazingly beautiful
  11. yeah.....i live in Nebraska (tornado alley), where there have been TONS of tornadoes and storms recently. it has been so cool. but usually i cant smoke when it storms because my rents.......

    o well....they are cool though, but i wouldnt stand outside during one, maybe just a strong thunderstorm, but not a tornado.

  12. a little bit of pink floyd can make something like that very enjoyable.

  13. O-Kay ???

    - - - - - - -

    Yeah I love storms as well I dont know how close id like to be to a tornado, but yeah in power their is something that apeals to the eye ..
  14. I love tornados and thunderstorms. I've been in 2 tornados, a hurricane, a tropical storm, and some pretty insane thunderstorms.

    The tornados were fun. I was riding my bike home from the mall when the one hit. It was no more than a quarter mile away from me at the time... pretty intense :)
  15. I was watching Real Tv the other day. They had a tornado chaser on there who got too close and tried to stay under a bridge to keep safe. The tornado picked him up, swung him around a bunch of times and then plopped him down on the side of the hill about 50 yards away. Amazingly the dude suvived and somehow didn't land flat on his head despite being unconcious.
  16. I love storms of every type. Especially lightening/thunder storms. When I was in Utah once, there was a snow blizzard with purple lightening. 'Twas amazing, bitches.
  17. storms rock, i love to see how fast i can drive in them, sometimes end up on wrong side of the road of a 4 lane...anyway iv been in quite a few bad thunder storms, they have been coming daily latey, anyway i was driving in one yesterday.. as matter fact.. i was blazed too lol....i was driving maybe 70-80mph and it started to hail, i was freakin out b/c the hail was so heavy i hydroplaned across the highway and almost hit 2 cars, thank god i didnt, anyway i diped out after that and passed two cops with there lights on while getting far away as possible... 0.o what a day that was hehe
  18. Yeh lightning storms are so much fun. I love seeing lightning, and hearing how loud as fuck thunder can be. I still havent managed to blaze during one yet though, seeing as id have to open my window while it would be raining into my room.
  19. Anything that is capable of killing me interests me, it's called being an adrenaline junkie, I think it's cool that you want to experience the kick of something like that.

    One of my most memorable nights was spent in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a thunderstorm, it was awesome. I have rarely felt so alive yet so insignificant, just one bolt of lightening in the right place and you would've had fried mutant monkey.
  20. I like to get really blazed in a lightning storm and the run into an open field holding a 20 foot metal pole. It is so exciting to feel the hair stand up on your neck just before getting struck down. j/k

    Anyways, I live in utah, and it is cool as fuck to blaze while driving (usually 25-35 mph) in a heavy snow storm. I love nature when Im stoned, whenever I get home at night im usually blazed pulling up to my house, I always sit outside and look at the stars for 10 to 20 minutes.

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