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Discussion in 'General' started by wpnix, May 27, 2009.

  1. first and foremost: the Peguins swept the 'Canes tonight, I am a little drunk and I just smoked some hash.

    A wettie, for those that do not know, is when you make a hole in the bottom of a plastic bottle, make a bowl attached to the cap of the bottle, take cap off, fill with water, and then attach cap and let drain and light bowl, observing the bottle fill with smoke. it's pretty efficient.

    this thought crossed my mind just now: can you go through the whole wettie process, but do NOT inhale the smoke and leave it in the bottle; will this work hours later? can you make a "storage" of wetties for consumption later? will the smoke go stale?

    let me know. thanks

    PS- I joined the forums just to ask this question...
  2. I have heard that more often referred to as a waterfall bong. And no storing it wouldn't work as smoke goes stale after about 15 seconds (the THC disappears).

  3. "disappears"? anything more specific? It's can't just leave the bottle, as it is sealed by cap and thumb
  4. that my friend is called a waterfall
  5. you brits and your crazy made up names

    and no, it will be stale and useless after a few minutes

  6. I'll admit that I heard to it referred as such by this name (in fact the first time I saw such a device) however this is the term used around my neck of the woods
  7. I don't think it will disappears.:confused:
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  8. No-one has answered the question guys & girls, he wants to know what happens to the thc...
    "Stale" "Dissapears" Need more info.
    My guess is that as the smoke cools the thc will settle and adhere to the bottle. So yeah, i guess it does become useless.

  9. First and foremost it's referred to as a waterfall bong.

    And I'm really not sure.. I'd assume the smoke would go stale shortly after wards. But the notion that the THC disappears? I don't know about this one.. What about the volcano vape? The smoke goes into the big balloon type bag and keeps for a while....?

    So, I don't know.. Maybe test it and let us know how it goes :smoking:
  10. get a volcano vape? that will store hits for you for a while. Why do you need to store them anyways? Maybe we can come up with another solution for you
  11. it's not really a necessity. it was just a high idea that popped into my brain as I was taking waterfalls.

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