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Storing weed thats already rolled?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by photographer, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Okay, I searched and read a few different old threads. Sill have some questions though, so bear with me. Can I store an already rolled blunt for a few days? A week? Two? Common sense tells me it would dry out, and then smoke really fast. But what if you put a little bit of moisture back into/onto it (by breathing on it)?

    Orrr...what if you put your rolled blunt in a sealed bag with a little lemon rind or something so it could absorb that moisture and keep it fresh?

    Also....what about blunt wraps? What about joints?

    I'd rather roll a few blunts at once, taking my time with them, and be prepared - versus having to roll a blunt moments before I want to smoke, possibly under adverse conditions (its windy, dont have a lot of time, etc)

    Alright I think I'm done! Thanks in advance for your helppp
  2. dude you can keep it for like a week at least.. just put it in a ziplock bag.. the ones you buy froma a store are sitting in the boxes for over a month b4 u get them.

    i wouldnt use the lemon idea or anything like that
  3. This idea will work fairly well.

    Orange or lemon rinds will work.

    Or a piece of bread if you'd rather not alter the taste of the blunt.

    However, if you're just going to be keeping it for a few days, a simple Zip-Loc baggie will work.
  4. i think rollin the blunt before is half the fun... it becomes an art after a while
  5. ya but if ur pressed for time its so much better to already have one rolled up
  6. just keep your joints/blunts in a airtight ziplock bag or glass jar. no need for any lemon peels in there. as long as it's air tight it won't dry much even in weeks or even months i would think.

    when i went to cali with my fam i pre-rolled 14 joints and brought them with me because i didn't want to have to roll them every time i wanted to toke, it had to be always ready.
  7. start rollin blunts with white owl or and cigar that comes in a tube so after you roll it you can put it back in the tube, swisher has tube cigars as well
  8. How bout keepin them in a humidor like cigars?????

    I always thought of this..........

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