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Storing weed questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Real G, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Aite so boom,
    I have a few questions here about storing weed in glass jars. How big of a jar would be suitable for an oz, half o, q, 1/8?
    Also how would one go about storing weed for a prolonged period of time in a glass jar? Would i need to open it occasionally? Would it still look/smell/taste good after a few months? Is it ok to store baggies with weed in glass jars? Tenks.
  2. If it's food grade baggies you are fine, though if you have a sealing jar like a mason or those ones with the rubber seal+latch I don't think you need to worry unless it's sitting for a crazy time. My stash sometimes ages in those jars 6 months before I can finish it and no real decay. If you are unsure how well cured your green is, check up on it every so often: dampness can lead to rotting.

    Size wise, a full oz will fit in a jar 5"*4" nicely, since I believe that's the size of my jar. Don't need any of those fancy "weed" jars either unless you love the look or something.
  3. Don't store weed in baggies. There are multiple reasons for it. Google it, I don't have time to list the dozens of reasons why baggy storage for long term is bad even if you put the baggy in a jar.

    What size jars? Just go to the store and eye ball it. It's not hard, OP. A lot of it is matter of choice. You can cram an ounce into a tiny jar if you need to. You want jars that will be slightly bigger than the amount of weed. Not too much. For eighths, I like little 4oz jars, but 2oz and 8 oz jars also work. I like 16oz for ounces. If this is for long term, I'd suggest getting a Boveda pack to put in with the weed. It will keep it fresh.
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    I was told you want a jar to fit the amount you have. You don't want too much air. I also use the boveda 62 packs. Keeps the bud nice and fresh, even after many months. Some of these are almost a year old. These are 8oz jars. A half z fits in these perfectly.
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  5. With glass jars I can never tell the size. Either get them personally or if you're ordering online read the comments or Q&A (like from Amazon). People usually ask how much weed it holds and it gets answered.

    My advice on storage over a month would be to get some "boveda humidipacks" and place one in each jar. They maintain a certain level of moisture in the jar. They come in different moisture levels, but I found 62% to be my sweet spot. When I tried storing weed in a jar without the boveda pack they slowly started to get drier and accumulated more shake.
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