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storing weed question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pakit, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. hey guys, I'm getting 10gs+ of some really stankky stankkyyy weed. I am a new smoker only smoked like 10 times, so this 10gs will last me forever, especially with how good the bud is. I was just wondering if a good idea would be to store the bud in a very clean pickle jar.
  2. Or a jelly jar, both will work
  3. wow, very fast response, thank you very much!
  4. I used to stash my stuff in med cannisters =0

  5. Well it is a medicine, the very best! How does that work? i was thinking about doing that too. Which would be better Clean class pickle jar or medication canisters?
  6. Well I love the smell of dank so I never really tried to hide it, I just didn't want my lil sis playing with my buds haha
  7. I'd go with the jar personally (Though a canning jar with a rubber seal would be better if you have one lying around). Medicine containers are nice, but they don't keep it as fresh as I would like. They're definitely good if you just want to bring like a gram or two to a friend's though.
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    The slight pickle smell wont hurt the bud will it? of course I'm sure that this stuff will override that smell. The bud got helluva of a smell. Sorry I'm very new to all this... :(
  9. Pickles are the Grinch of Cannabis:eek:.
    They steal Christmas fun and cower at the top of snow covered mountains with hearts too small to care!!?:cool:

    Try not to think about the jar as much as the space,;) or even the entire temperature to keep it at.

    People who get mounds of bud, like a half or a full pound, HAVE to store their buds in the freezer for continued freshness. Even with that, you need to be careful.
    In your case, being it a little under a quarter or so, keep your cannabis in a good, "meant to seal itself" jar, especially since you say the dank is STAAAANNNKKKKIIIITTTYYYYY.
    I had some Bubble Gum Purple the size of Skittles and they stunk through my bag to the point that one of my landlords SONS smelt the weed and broke into my house to go after it.
    I know that for sure because my entire family had left my house on that years 4:20, but for some reason there were cannabis shaving on my coffee table, ibuprofen CRUSHED INTO A POWDER for more effect, and on top of that, the idiot recorded 4 PORNO'S onto our Dish's D.V.R. at the time.

    To make shit so insulting,

    :eek:.....:poke:whoa... went into a danky bud flashback... (sucked not smoking it)

    Anyway, long story short, trimmed fat and all, Try using a vacuum sealing jar, or something that can be hidin in a good place. Keep telling your parents "It's the box of Fruit Loops; you swear" if they get... NOSY, so to say, and enjoy your super dank with your freshness.

    Yes, freshness.
    That means you don't have a tolerance and you can use less of your buds.

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