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storing weed like a boss...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lonelystoner2, May 16, 2011.

  1. i was just wondering if a plastic Tupperware container is safe for storing weed... its airtight and everything... its just that im always suspicious and careful about weed and plastic since i don't want to inhale anything plastic... (i know that mason jars are the best for storing weed but until i get one the only airtight thing i have is the Tupperware container)

    thanks in advance
  2. Your not going to be inhaling anything by storing it in tupperware. So your good.
  3. The plastic won't melt into your weed, unless you stick it in the microwave.....
  4. It is perfectly safe for storing it, as always make sure it doesn't mold being that that container isn't airtight. The next time you head to walmart, go to the section where storage containers are and they have these little mason jars with a rubber seal for 2 dollars a piece. They are great for storing up to a half an oz.
  5. Put it in a ziplock then into a container.
  6. glass. jar.
  7. ^^^^^ No one likes a bragger :)

  8. I don't think he is bragging or he wouldn't of posted pictures of mids, right?

  9. This.
  10. get a coffee can its vaccuum sealed

    fixed. lol

  11. LMFAOO :laughing:
  12. maybe u better go check my stash jar thread, my rep, etc.
  13. call me out on my mids noob

    middle bottem jar


    bot right jar

    bot left jar
  14. Obviously I wasn't saying your intentions were to brag. I was making the statement that If you were going to brag you would have posted some dank pictures.

    Also it seems like someone is a little upset... sorry if I hurt your feelings bud. After all this is an Online Marijuana forum so no need to get so defensive.
  15. Hahahahaha op you made my day
  16. The title got me thinking of the lonely island :D

    im high btw :)
  17. i read that plastic bags make weed dry and more likely to turn into this true? also, how long will weed last in tupperware before it loses significant quality
  18. i researched this a lot and have found:

    1. mason jars
    2. pill bottle/tupperware
    3. plastic bags

    plastic bags and tupperware can cause your weed to become shake(nugs break down and wont look very good)

    again, this is what i have found, i am not 100% sure if this is true or not
  19. I store my 4grams of White Shark in a baggy, inside a plastic apple-juice bottle. No lingering smell whatsoever

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