Storing weed in a pill bottle temporarily?

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  1. I normally keep my weed in a mason jar, but I figured I should just drop a few nugs into a pill bottle for smoking on the go. The longest I'll have it in there would be 24 hours and then it's back to the jar. Would it not be good for the bud to be moved around this much? Also, if I'm storing my weed in the pill bottle, should I just store the nugs in there by themselves or should I put them in a plastic bag first? I've heard that keeping weed in plastic bags isn't a smart choice because the plastic of the bag rubs the crystals off of the bud.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. pill bottles fine bro:wave: mi madre keeps it in a pill bottle with the bag herself, and when i buy eighths my dealers gives it to me in pill bottles unbagged, just dont shake the shit arount to much and you should be fine
  3. Pill bottles are the shit.
  4. I leave Rolled Js it mine the brown color keeps the harmful light rays out as a bonus
  5. Pill bottles are pretty air tight. I always store my on the go stash in a pill bottle.

    I have had weed in a pill bottle or a couple of weeks and it was still smokeable of course.
  6. Thanks errbody
  7. Yeah, I've had the same pill bottle for going on 4 years now, its where all my stash is since I don't buy more than a 1/4 at a time. It's never failed me.

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