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Storing weed for a month or so...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Legendslayer, Oct 17, 2014.

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    Hey guys, i'm sure there's a few posts already detailing this but i would really appreciate an answer specific to me.  
    Just a quick question
    Best way to store cannabis for a month or so?
    To give the question some context, my room is in the basement of my home. It's not like that 70's show basement its a finished one with drywall and carpet and its only ever moist or humid down here in the summer. 
    I put my toking on a hiatus about a month ago to get a job, and have an interview at khols this coming monday, not really excited but its work yanno. 
    Regardless the first thing that popped into my head was my eighth that's been getting real cozy with the surplus bed sheets we keep in the closet! Once i nail the drug test and start working, i'm gonna have a nice reunion with my old friend.
    I've always stored my bud in two of those heavy double seal ziplock bags,You know the really thick plastic ones. Bud in one bag, sealed, pressed flat of air and sealed within yet another bag with the same process. I've done this for years and never have had any issues with mold however it does get pretty dry and flaky which probably means the bags aren't air tight. My friend told me i should be storing it in a masons jar, so i have alittle 8.oz i plan to stash it in but i'm kinda worried about mold.
    I thought this occurred because the moisture in the bud was trapped in an air tight environment and thus it grew so i'm rather unsure if i should up and change my ways. 
    Long story short, should i keep storing it the way i am or should i drop it all into this little mason jar? 
    I'll probably be popping it open a few times a week and it'll be stored in a dark place if that matters. 
    Sorry for the long post, i like to talk. 
    I anticipate your responses. Please help!  
    Quick update! 
    I was looking around and i found this! It just looks cooler and a mason jar haha 
    Would it be a viable method of storage or should i just stick with the jelly jar! 

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    In the jar as long as the bud is not wet.
    I have an OZ of hydro Bubblicious I harvested in May in a jar and its fine.
  3. #3 Weeman1234, Oct 17, 2014
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    I'd tape a very small slice of an orange and tape it to the lid of the mason jar, and leave it for the hours. Then, take the orange peel out and your weed will be nice and fresh and not so dry and shaky, haha. I'm actually in a similar situation myself.... But always store it in jars man, I've been doing it for years and have never had mold. Plus, you get kief all over the jar XD
  4. As long as you burp the jars every once in a while, there should be no problem with mold.
    And I admire your courage. I would never even make it so long as 24 hours knowing there was an 8th of weed calling my name from the closet.
  5. Thanks alot for the responses guys, helped immensely! 
    Happy toking!  :smoke:

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