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Storing urine for drug test

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by aaaaa8, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. So im clean right now but im thinking i might not be clean in the near future. I was wondering if i could store my clean urine somewhere and take it out when i need it?

    Id probly need it about 5 days or so. And i was wondering if i just pee in a shampoo bottle or something can i just tape it around my thigh to keep it at body temperature?
  2. I think that urine can be stored up to 2-3 days before it is useless for a drug test. And I wouldn't use a shampoo bottle, but something a little more sterile. I made a pretty good piss bottle once out of an ear dropper that I got at Wal-mart for about $2.50. And I don't think that body heat will be enough to keep it warm; you only get about 3 degrees + or - from 98.3 F or else it's an automatic fail. You'll need handwarmers and a thermometer to make sure that it's the right temperature. It's actually kind of tough to do. Why not just stay sober for 5 days?
  3. You need to have it sealed in a sterile, airtight container, otherwise there will be noticeable discoloration and change of odor ("stale" urine has a scent that will give it away). The biggest problem is temperature. If they can tell your urine isn't the right temperature they'll just count it as a failed test, as they can tell you were trying to tamper with the results. You need to get it within a few degrees accuracy of your body temp and that will be your biggest challenge.

    Erowid Drug Testing Vaults : FAQ
  4. basically i got tested for my outpatient rehab yesterday and they probaly wont test me until next week but i dont want to risk it. I know i could get clean from opiates by next week but just in case they did surprise test me i dont want to fail. So i was planning on bringing piss with me the restof this week as a precautionary measure. Even though im pretty sure they wont test me again till next week.
  5. Don't do it man. Seriously, it's not worth the risk. If it were for a job application then I'd say have fun, but since this is a rehab drug test I would stay clean for the week if I were you. Plus taking a week break from drugs every now and then isn't a bad thing. Yay for tolerance drops!
  6. Were you court ordered rehab? If it's for court ordered rehab and you end up failing it over the temperature, they could legally charge you with a tampering crime. In some states, that's a felony :wave:
  7. ^ yeah its kinda court ordered. Basically my PO agreed not to violate me if i did rehab. And ive been clean for about 3 weeks now but they are so damn chill at my rehab i know i could get away with the piss thing.

    But u guys are right its not worth the risk. Luckily i have some kratom arriving in the mail today so that should hold me over for a bit.
  8. Yeah if it's court ordered you should just be a good boy for a week. Just not worth the potential prison/hefty fine risk. Then you can get really fucked up afterward :D
  9. lol i wish that was the case. Basically i have about 2 more weeks of rehab and then another 6 months probation with CONSTANT drug testing since i already failed once.
  10. yea dude just stay sober man. fucking shit up like this is how you start ruining your life.
  11. Yikes. Plenty of legal alternatives out there, and kratom is a good start. I'm fairly certain the jwh compounds don't show up cannabanoid test, but I'm not positive. And of course no psychedelics do :)

    Best of luck.
  12. With your test being court ordered, the procedures are likely more strict and invasive then those of say, a pre-employment drug screening.

    Here is something I did recently. I saved urine the fridge for 2-3 days knowing it was clean. I proceed to use heavily over the weekend. On test day I thawed the urine out and put a small amount in a little bottle that came with a home drug test I purchased. The bottle had a little temperature "strip" that showed the current temperature of the urine (turns out it was the same exact kind of bottle they used at the testing center later on).

    I purchased some "hand warmers" in the hunting section at wal-mart. They are these little packets that heat up chemically when opened. I rubberbanded two of the hand-warmers to the bottle, let warm up for about 45 minutes, then crotched the whole assembly.

    I showed up at the drug test and they had me empty my pockets, no problem. Went inside, deposited the clean urine, recrotched the evidence, and left.


    Good times :cool:

    Ninja edit: I have read elsewhere that you can store urine in a freezer for a long period of time safely. If you will be waiting a full 5 days or more to use the sample then I would freeze it, not fridge it.
  13. For my pre-employment test I also had to sneak urine in, concealed under my nuts. I found however that wasn't exactly sufficient enough, so like Azureblue, I fashioned 2 handwarmers around the bottle of piss and had that under my nuts with a tight pair of boxer briefs keeping it all together.

    All I had to do was empty my pockets before I went in, dumped it out, and voila I got the job.

    Good luck.
  14. Well I was on probation and getting lab tested, sometimes I would use pee up to 3 weeks old I NEVER had a problem. Every test came back clean.
  15. Yea I'm having this same problem, its for a job and I have to be there within a few hours. Ppl told me to get a condom and put the urine in it but I just found out that they watch you here in NC! They turn their back as if they are the stall door and you pee. I really don't want to fail this test but I really need a job. I've had 4 jobs and never been drug tested until now :(

  16. They watch you???
    just say u r uncomfortable and make em leave :p
  17. Sadly I am well versed in this area. All from experience.

    Freezer storage is up to a year, once you remove it from the freezer and hold it at room temp or body temp you have about 8 hours before things start breaking down. If stored in the fridge you have a couple of days. And I agree with the quoted, you need a brand new storage container.

    I freeze it and label it with the exp date. I reheat it using the same method you would a baby bottle. I use a hand warmer to keep it at body temp. and tuck it into the little pouch that are in boxer briefs. Drive strait to the lab sub the samples and take all evidence with me.

    now something to keep in mind, some states this is against the law and if you are caught would mean automatic termination of employment or in the case of probation a violation that would land you back in jail.

    good luck
  18. They didn't drug test me :D but I've been smoke free for almost a year now because I'm prego and now looking for another job! But after all this is done then I will get back to my old pass time :D
  19. [quote name='"juju12"']Yea I'm having this same problem, its for a job and I have to be there within a few hours. Ppl told me to get a condom and put the urine in it but I just found out that they watch you here in NC! They turn their back as if they are the stall door and you pee. I really don't want to fail this test but I really need a job. I've had 4 jobs and never been drug tested until now :([/quote]

    You realise how old this thread is right?

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