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Storing urine at room temp for 2 days

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Evanni, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Hey GC so I have a situation, I'm on probation and get drug tested every Monday, on Friday I peed into a condom (its clean urine) and then smoked. I stored the condom in a dark place at room temp, do you think the pee will be alright for Monday morning drug test? D:
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    No. First off, I recommend buy a purell bottle and then empty out its contents. Then, sterilize the bottle by rinsing it out with hot water for about 5 minutes this step is crucial, otherwise when they perform a lab analysis your urine sample will be contaminated. Next you need clean urine, fill up the bottle and freeze it if you need to store it for longer than one day. The problem with keeping it at room temperature is that bacteria will grow inside the bottle after one day, that's why you need to freeze it if you plan on storing it for long periods of time. Labs will notice the bacteria when they test the sample, and will probably ask for a new one. I hear a clean sample will keep for about a year when frozen.

    Also, on test day you can keep your sample at room temperature using two methods I know one. One is that you can duct tape the bottle to your leg, make sure it is taped well or it will end up falling out of your pants. Your body temperature is enough to keep the sample at the required temperature. The other method is to wear some tidey wideys and keep the bottle snug between your penis and testicles. However, I recommend the first method because keeping it between your junk may be a bit uncomfortable :eek:
  3. ^Was curious about that myself for the future!
  4. Oh but my test is done right in front of me at my house with a 10 panel dip test, then the urine is thrown away.
  5. Wait are you talking about those cheap tests that you can buy at a walgreens or CVS?
  6. Yeah that's what my P.O brings when she comes to my house

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  7. the ones your po uses are higher quality than the store bought one (atleast i think?)
  8. I'm not sure if it's a higher quality test or not but I know for sure it doesn't go to a lab I get keep the test and urine after she sees it lol
  9. Does she watch you Pee into the cup? If so, I think you have a big problem on your hands
  10. Piss goes bad after a day and starts to dilute and decompose.. is fiending worth it man? Storing urine is just.. not normal.
  11. That's why you freeze it, you can store it for longer periods of time like that..
  12. No she doesn't watch me when I pee
  13. stop smoking for now (I know it will suck) and start to detox so you can pass and smoke when she leaves ^.^

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