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    So I just harvested my first crop and I have 5x  5 gallon buckets full of ITG's mix.  I have a few questions about storing it until i'm ready to grow again (6-12 mos)
    What is the best way to store this? Will 5 gallon bucekts w/ a lid on work?
    Moist or dry? Do I have to remoisten periodically?
    Will freezing temperatures affect the micro organisims, or the alive/beneficial part of our organic mix?
    Will freezing temperatures affect bulk ammendments storage? How about EWC?
    (WI winters^  0-20F avg)

  2. 5 gal buckets, no lid work just fine. I just leave the mix in the buckets the plants were grown in until I'm ready to re amend.
    Not -20, but they are left outside.
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    5 gallon buckets will work, with or without the lid so long as you turn the soil periodically. I would make sure that there is some moisture in the soil, but you don't need much. You will not need to add more water unless you notice that significant moisture has evaporated. Freezing temperatures will only cause the microorganisms present in the soil to go dormant. They will be back at it as soon as temperatures allow. The same goes for amendments and EWC.
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  4. Good info....thanks! I have a big bag of soil that I was wanting to put into something to store it so I could use it as needed. I was wondering if like one of those big "rubbermaid" type rectangle tubs with a lid would work but it sounds like a 5 gal bucket works so I will go that route.
  5. Got one of those Rubbermaid your talking about, that's actually quite useful. We have a mini composter that we transfer the soil to the Rubbermaid once it's ready, not a bad idea at all blade.

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  6. I keep my extra soil in a large open container with a tarp over it. I mix up small batches as needed. I water it at least once a month to give it a little life.
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