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  1. I just transplanted my plants into homes and have ALOT of soil left. Im going to start a grow in july and was wondering if storing in a sealed rubbermaid tub will have any adverse effects? I dont really want to have to keep flipping dirt for the next few months. I spent quite abit on the mix with all the admendments and dont want it to go to waste.
  2. Major adverse effects.

    What type of containers to you use?
  3. Well the plants in smartpots. The soil is in a rubbermaid tub with no top on that i turn every few days.
  4. sewich

    That's what you want - SmartPots. If you were to take your mixed soil, fill the SmartPots, hydrate and store that way you'll have a spectacular soil after several weeks/months.

    You'd need to check the moisture levels every 10 days or so. If you don't want to spend a ton of money on individual pots you could buy a single #65 for < $19.00


  5. *I* put unused mix in the same 5 gal buckets I plant in and just leave them. But this is outside so they do get watered when it rains. I have a good bit of 5 gal buckets.

    Used mix goes in garbage cans till re amended, but even these have holes in them, so not totally 'sealed'.

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  6. Hey, LD, I acquired a 10 gallon smart pot to store my mix. Is that good? I bet I'll need more than one, won't I? I wish I'd gotten more than one.
  7. Here's is what I use to store soil in.
    What Makes the Compost Sak Better | Compost Sak
    It's basically a large (100 gallon) smart pot. I don't know if they are currently doing this but when I bought mine I purchased two and got free shipping and their $40 a piece......MIW
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    Compost Saks excel at storage for soil and compost. Very tough and breathable material along with high quality stitching. I've got two and may get two more.

    This is a good inexpensive solution, but a bit labor intensive depending on how much you have and how long you store it.

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