Storing Seeds

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dirty old man, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Like to know, best way to store seeds for the long term,6 months to year. In the refrigerator and out if posslble. how to wrap or store in? air tight container,baggie etc. Information would be appreciated.

  2. Air tight. NO MOISTURE AT ALL
    Cold . dark areas.
  3. Cool dark place you can store them almost a infinite amount of time.
  4. Cool or cold,either one I take. Dark and air tight with no moisture. Thanks,I have plastic round coin holders and will place hidden in fridge. Again thanks.
  5. Put them in a baggie and store them in a film canister or something similar. If you have a silica packet like the ones that come in shoe boxes put that in the canister too. Room temperature is fine.
  6. Airtight canning jar. Same ones used to cure. Put in fridge. You can even wrap the jar in black electrical tape to keep out light.
  7. Throw some rice in there. Descant to keep moisture out and away from beans. I've got mine sorted in their baggies, then in another light proof container, in a cool dry place that keeps its temperature constant through the year.

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