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  1. hi there,can anyone tell me the best temperature to store seeds at,and for how long can they be kept.i currently store mine in the fridge but ive heard that they can be damaged if not kept at the right temperature.
  2. you're fine( as long as the fridge is workign properly..).. I keep mine in the fridge. never have a problem.

    PS try the seed banks or breeding forums for questions like this next time..
  3. thanx 4 yer response wharf,but if you had read my thread properly you would see that i asked what temperature 2 keep my seeds at,fridges have thermostats on them!my seedbank already told me 2 keep them in the fridge,but not what temperature at. you have only told me what i already know.yer as shit wid answers as i am at finding the rite place 2 post my questions!!! thnx agen 4 nowt.
  4. wow dude, take a chill pill man .. reefers only operate with about 10 degrees( or food would either rot or freeze)

    but hey before you get all high and bloody mighty with old members here, atleast make sure you have the right damn forum........

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  5. HAHahahahahahahaha. Shit, I'm sorry.
    Yer the shit wid! or shit wid statements...


    See mods, if you let me use my GC gallery to put pics in a thread, I'd be a lot less testy with the idiots, and I'd be some place else other than the forum help thread...

    But really...
    it's so funny it's not worth reporting.
    Make a great sig line!

  6. This /\/\/\
  7. I apologise 4 putting my question on this forum,i just saw"questions,problems,troubleshooting" and thought ,that will be the place 2 put it.Once again my humble apologies.I still havn`t got an answer 2 my question tho`.
  8. I don't think you need to worry about being that specific. Like others, I also keep mine in the fridge, and I have never had issues with seeds germinating successfully. They just need a dark cold environment.
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    thanx 4 that morange.I have since found out that they are best kept below 41f,5c and not below freezing.
  10. Isn't that what I said? :eek::(:mad:
  11. hello agen Wharfrat,you never mentioned a specific temperature which is what i was after.I tested my fridge 2day and the highest temperature it will go is above 41f,so i have hSad my fridge on 2 warm,if u no what i mean.So keeping my seeds in my fridge at the highest temperature setting is no good coz i think my seeds have been damaged,some arnt germinating,and ones that do grow are very slow.So my original question about temperature was not answered by anyone.I found out from Amsterdam Seedbank.
  12. all this for AMS beans ?!?!?!

  13. The questions, problems, and troubleshooting is the section for problems with the forums in general. Not problems with seeds. I'm glad you foun your answer too. And sorry if I came off as an asshole.
  14. we aint supposed to name call on this forum so i wont call you an asshole for that rude post of yours.

    put your beans in the fridge on medium setting and you are fine. stop nit picking about an exact temp. its pointless. vacuum seal the seeds in a plastic container. will keep for at least 5 years without losing too much germination rate.
  15. :(
    with an attitude like yours, youre lucky to get any repsonses at all.

  16. Agreed.
  17. My "attitude" was caused by Wharfrat74,who got funny about me putting my question in the wrong forum,and he never answered my question(which he now thinks he has,haha).I have apologised 4 putting question in wrong forum,but not for my attitude,which was kicked off by wharfrat being testy about a misplaced question.You will be pleased 2 hear that i am going 2 unsubscribe from Grasscity,av had enough of your petty childishness.ASSHOLES,you know who you are!! HAHAHAHA.
  18. LOLs

    I did answer your question. just obviously I was missing that dash of anal retentiveness you're so desperately in need of..

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