Storing seeds long term

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  1. I have some freebie seeds that I know I'm not going to use anytime in the near future so I looked up how to store them properly. The problem is, half the things I'm reading say to never freeze and never use an airtight container, while the rest of it says that you absolutely can freeze and that airtight containers are best. Which way am I supposed to do it? The fridge/freezer I would be using is this dorm fridge. received_242226746757494.jpeg

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    I just keep em in a jar in the fridge. I keep a dissectant pack in the jar too and they last for 5-10 years. Freezer works too, but you need to make sure they are super dry either way. I threw my freebies in my fridge once and they got all wet from condensation. Now I keep them all in a sealed container.

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