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Storing question for keep your weed fresh!

Discussion in 'General' started by guest18, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. so i amped up and now it's all in plastic bags and from what i hear it looks like in order to keep you weed fresh for long periods of time you should use a mason jar. so now i got myself a mason jar and i was wondering do i need to vacuum seal the jar in order for it to keep the weed fresh or will manually screwing the lid on do the trick?

    just wondering seeing how there is air in the jar between the weed in the lid...

  2. Pressure cook the jars.
  3. Mason Jar, Screw shut, place in refrigerator and open least as possible. Simple as that.
  4. how do i go about doing that?... and would it effect the weed inside?
  5. since i live with my rents i'm unable to store it in the frig. will it make much a difference?
  6. No just store in a cool dark place, Heat and Light are worst enemy of THC.
  7. Vacuum sealing it would help but you don't have to do it.
  8. o ok so pretty much i can get away with manually tightening the jar and it should help preserve the bud alot longer then zip locks?..
  9. the best way is to use a zip lock bag, suck all the air out and seal, then place into a mason jar and screw shut. And as I said store in a dark , cool place.
  10. o well i hear u want to avoid using bags because the THC will actually rub off and stick to the bag reducing the potency of the bud
  11. That is ahandling issue if you plan to store in bags you will not have this issue.
  12. Thats true. I read about it in Cannabis Culture, I think? I doubt it'd make too much of a different, but weed cost me a lot of money I was ALL the bang for my buck/
  13. ok thanks :)
  14. im all about hte mason jar
  15. Am I ruining my 8th of bud by keeping it in a plastic bag in my backpack. (not cool in there) i cant really keep it anywhere cool without it being found
  16. The whole THC sticking to the bag thing really only refers to keeping it in your pants pockets when your walkin around and shit.
  17. ya so i should be ok if the only kind of moving this bud gets while in a bag is me taking it out of the mason jar only when i need to to pick some out and then removing the air from the bag and restoring...

    and seeing how my supplyer uses sandwhich bags the type that dont seal he twists of the ends and tucks the end in under a wrinkle in the bag if that makes any sense and i thought it might be best to leave the weed all bundled up up like that so that it will cause less shake and thc to be rubbed of so all i did was put the sandwhich bag bundles in small zip lock and remove all the air so that way it will reduce the air getting to the bud and stored the zip locks in masonjars... thats my situation right now

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