Storing my weed wrong, can it get me sick?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by TheLostMan, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Before my parents knew about my medical card, I was pretty paranoid about hiding my weed. 

    I let my friend have some and he was like "aw dude, this tastes like drier sheets" 
    Is that enough to get someone sick? 
  2. No it will not make you sick but will make your weed shitty.
    Use a pill bottle. They are water and air tight.
  3. thank you!
  4. or a mason jar.
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  5. Are metal tins good also Old School Smoker?
    I keep my ground up in a plastic container and nugs in the tin.
  6. i use a metal tin that used to have pellets in it (they were lead so i washed it out well) and it works pretty well but a mason jar is still better
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    mason jars in a cool dark place, even better if its a tinted amber glass. there's also this product called "Boveda"
    which allows humidity control and is meant for long-term storage and preserves aroma, flavor, colors, and burn.
    However I have not had the chance to personally test this product, I just know quite a few people that
    enjoy it and use it actively, including medical dispensaries. I just can't verify myself how well the product is.
  8. I stored mine with incense when i was young and it made it taste and smell like them it was gross
  9. I use metal sucrets tins for rolled joints. They fit perfectly in those.
  10. Zeus has a product called "Temple" it's essentially a wooden box designed for storing cannabis. There's a movable divider, the bottom of the box is a very fine mesh screen, and underneath that is a compartment designed to collect kief. The mahogany wood draws out moisture from the flowers to keep it bone dry. It's a cool little box and conceals the smell fairly well.
    I keep mine in a prescription bottle in the fridge though.

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  11. I put my bud in mason jars along with 62% boveda packs. Keeps my bud fresh and no smell leaks.
  12. Did you get one from coral reefer?

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  13. Get one what from who?
  14. Bovoda pack and from coral reefer, she's a youtubes who sends out those homidi packs out for free.

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  15. Oh. No i bought mine from amazon. 10 of them. Downfall is they came in a bag but it was only 12$
  16. I use a jar I picked up at target for 4 bucks clearance it has a latch with a nice latex or silicone seal. It's very convenient not huge like a mason jar it holds maybe a half oz. Which is great. It's air tight I could have super dang herb and one the jar is closed you can't smell it. No matter for me I have my own place don't have to hide it but still it keeps it fresh

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