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Storing My Kush

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NemoJavert, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Howdy...
    First off, as I might have mentioned recently(not sure, for some reason my short term memory is not what it used to be, for some odd reason), I've been a lurker here SEVERAL years. Can't believe I just joined this month. ANYWAY....

    Question....what do you guys use to store weed? I used to smoke really bad weed. I mean, dirt. As the years went on (i just finished school) I made better contacts and all that and now I have a couple of GREAT Kush contacts.

    So now, I don't have to smoke AS MUCH to maintain a good high on a given weekend...or weekday...Basically I'm trying to conserve my weed since, as we know, you pretty much get to a point of being BLASTED. At that point your receptors say GIVE US MORE GIVE US MORE - but in reality, you're just asmoking yourself to sleep at that point.

    So now that my weed last for longer I'm wondering what the best method is to store. That, I've never quite gotten down. I've heard some various things here and there, but scattered. I'm not talking a year. I'm talking about holding some trees for maybe 2 prevent it from drying up.

    Is a Jar the best way?
    Jar in a cabinent room, or Jar in freezer?
    Bag in fridge? Weed in bag inside of a a freezer...fridge?

    Now you see my question, ha! Although, truly at the end of the day, you still get high from "dry" weed...but it burns quicker :-\

    Nemo thanks you in advance!
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    Keep it in a mason jar (air tight), and store it somewhere cool, and dark. I just put my personal stash jars in a dresser drawer. I keep it cool in my room so it doesn't get hot in the drawer, but a basement will work just as well, if you have pets wrap the jar in a blancket to they dont tip it over, and possibley break it.

    I keep my bud out of the fridge, but if you want to put it in there add a 2"x 2" piece of cardboard to soak up any moisture.
  3. what i did was. 1. bag it up tight 2. put it in a mason jar 3. store it in a cool dark place (like in a closet or sumthen)
  4. I think putting it in a tiny glass jar is sweet cause you can see all the nugs and crystals really clearly, and it won't get crushed. Very airtight

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