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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jordan, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. So what is the best temperature and lighting to store it in? It might be for a while, so should I freeze it, refrigerate it or keep it in something like a humidor? Also do i want to keep it away from light, or what?

    Also any other suggestions? How do vacum sealers compare to mason jars or glass/cork jars?

  2. Use quart widemouth canning jars, store the jars in the box they came in, put the box in a cool, dry place. Even my dumbass grocery has these jars. A vacuum packer can be purchased for the jars themselves, and the pot will basically stay in suspended animation. I have weed from 1984 that is the pot eqivalent of champaign brought up from the Titanic wreck...

  3. Is 'quarts' the name of the brand? Also are they medal or glass (how do I know if I got the right thing)?

    Where can I get the vacuum packer for them and does it make a difference?

    Also how cool of a place? Are we talking a humidor, a refrigerator or a freezor?

    Thanks so much for your help.

  4. Quart as in 1/4 of a gallon, or two cups if you will...
    "Ball" is the name brand...they are glass
    Get the "Widemouths" because the vacuum packer only works on them. They are different from traditional mason jars. Ask your grandma. To find a vacuum packer, put "home canning" in a search engine and go from there. They are not cheap but well worth it. You can use the system for foods as well...
    Temperature: 70F or cooler if you can, just no high heat, no light. Sunlight fucks up bud quickly-never dry pot in the sun.
    You can freeze the jars if you wish, they are designed to do this...frozen pot in ziplocks is fine too-just don't crush it or repeatedly freeze and thaw...
  5. Ok cool. Two more things. Firstly which type of masing jar should i get? The kind wehre the top screws on, or the kind with the clip? Also do the vacuum selears work on all 'widemouth' jars, or might I have a problem?

    Also, what do you think about keeping the jars in a humidor?

    Thanks so much,
  6. "BALL" brand quart widemouth jars. They have screw on lids. The vacuum packer I have works on other screw top lids of the same diameter. The humidor would keep temp the same, but would have no effect on the sealed jars. Humidor-humidity-get it?
  7. Ok thanks.

    The reason for the humidor, is that it maintains the temp, so I can keep that as the temp control instead of a freezer; or atleast that is what I was thinking.


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