Storing glass pipe in cold weather

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  1. Hey guys, I had a question about storing a pipe outside. I just recently got back into smoking, and understand that storing a glass piece outside is not the best but at this point keeping a pipe in my home is just not feasible.

    Anyway, if I was to keep a piece outside in the winter, what bad things would happen? If sudden heat causes a pipe to shatter, and i stored the pipe in an oven mitt or something that would insulate it do you think that would help? Thanks for any advice. Also do you guys know of anything that might be useful for storing a piece outside?
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    I left some tubes in my shed over winter once. It was just fine.
    Just make sure it stays cleans with no water in it. Water will freeze and possibly crack it. The resin will cake and make it hard to clean.
    If I can run butain through my extractor while its warm with no cracks I see no problem even freezing your glass.
  3. G13 is right about making sure it is dry before you put it outside. That being said, as long as it is covered it should be alright. Since you mention storing it in an oven mit I assume you are talking about a small glass pipe as opposed to a bong. Yes an oven mit will provide protection but also seal it in a zip lock bag to prevent moisture.

  4. thanks for the advice. now conversely, do you think if i got a big ass steam roller that has a higher likelihood of cracking?

    also i will be using the piece, do you think that could cause problems?
  5. Yes and no. Do I think you will have a problem storing it in the cold conditions? Depends on how cold. I used to keep a bong in my car through the Iowa winters fine. However it is important that the piece is dry as water will expand and crack it.

    If you have any doubts use something like this or anything insulated, and wrap the piece up in something else.

    The thickness of the glass many be a factor.
  6. A steam roller is a bad idea because the bowl is apart of the bong. Cold+fire=crack. Only thing I would use is a bong. And I would keep the slide in my room or inside where it wont get cold then touch the flame.
  7. Sudden tempeture changes will crack your piece. Lets say i was gonna put my room tempetured bong in my freezer. It would possibly break. Make sure you hide it from the sun or ealse its gonna shatter.
  8. wouldn't worry, its glass. should be fine. again like previously stated id put it in a Ziploc bag to just prevent weathering and dirt and stuff from getting at my pipe. oven mitt isn't necessary but wouldn't hurt. and since its a steam roller your keeping outside i assume its a fairly cheap piece, therefore worst case scenario you go and buy another $8 steamroller lol.

    i don't know you opinion on joints, but if your worried about hiding paraphernalia just grab a cigarette roller and joint papers, or even just the papers. worst case scenario you say your holding them for a friend, found them, or you are smoking hand rolled cigarettes. they are just waaaaay easier to hide, and joints are waaaaay better and cooler then a steamroller ;P *in my personal opinion
  9. It should be fine as long as it's not subject to extreme heat. I had a chillum that was freezing because my brother had been carrying it around in his pocket, we smoked a ball of resin in it, and it grew a small crack that eventually split a piece of the glass off. RIP Chillum lol.
  10. thanks all for the responses. I guess a steam roller is out of the q then. I will probably buy a thick pipe i guess then for the upcoming winter.

    happy toking
  11. Why do you need to keep it outside, why can't you just put it in a sports sock or put it in a pouch (if it came with one)
  12. Your pipe will be fine outside no matter what the temp is, pipes do not shatter with temp change(except maybe under extreme non-realistic conditions)
    I would just make sure its sealed up in something ok and you'll be fine

  13. living at home for the upcoming winter, and shuffling it back and forth from home to outdoors will be smelly and risky

    yes but i will be smoking it as well. could that sudden temperature change be a factor?

    and if you think it will be okay, do you think buying a steam roller would be no big deal?
  14. I keep pieces in my car while I'm at school and I never had a problem with them being in the cold. Mine were wrapped tightly in a bandana or a towel, just make sure you warm the piece up with your hands first so it doesn't break because of the extreme temperature change when you light up. I did on a couple of occasions accidentally leave a bit of water in my bong, but it never affected it negatively. Its still a good idea to make sure they're dry, no point in risking cracking it over something that is easily done.
  15. again... rolling papers seem to make more sense for this...

  16. if i take what i would put in 2 joints and smoke it out of a pipe, the smoke sesh lasts a lot longer which i enjoy and i get way more stoned, joints are just not efficient. plus i would probably have to roll outside which is not very effective either
  17. the glass can crack only if it changes temperatures rapidly. Thats why glass blowers use kilns after blowing glass. Your glass will be fine
  18. Here is a signal solution. Yes glass is awesome. And I love me my glass pipe and bong. But GET A METAL PIPE. no need to worry about it cracking. Toss it into your hiding spot and walk away. :0
  19. [quote name='"Stoniecat"']Here is a signal solution. Yes glass is awesome. And I love me my glass pipe and bong. But GET A METAL PIPE. no need to worry about it cracking. Toss it into your hiding spot and walk away. :0[/quote]

    Real talk :)

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