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  1. I had a problem with mold on my last few buds. The container was pretty big and did hold a lot of air, and I probably didn't get them as dry as they should have been. I have read that I need to use glass jars and I need to keep them as full as possible to keep the bulk of the air out of the container. There is no way that I can alway have full containers between grows so I am asking what would be the best way to store my buds while I slowly smoke it up, lol I know to open them now and then and I know I need to dry them a little more than I did. What I need to know is can I use plastic bags to keep the air quantity down or do I have to use glass jars? Maybe Tupperware? Thanks for your help!!! Pinballman1
  2. vacuum pack.

    but you shouldn't be getting mold and suggest you get to the root of the problem.
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  3. Study the curing process mason jars come in all different sizes humidity packs are good as well
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    I've been concerned about storage also, still have about 10 or 12 ounces that have been in mason jars since Feb. and don't recall ever having a grow last this long before.
    I haven't seen any mold yet and open them for about 5mins. once a month... They also have boveda 62% packs in them.
    From my research over the years, wide-mouth, quart sized mason jars are best, filled 2/3 to 3/4 full... we want the buds to move around freely when the jars are rolled and lightly smacked around so buds don't stick together. I like the boveda packs to keep humidity in check, how full they are shouldn't matter with those in the jars.

    My theory is, with 62%RH at 68-71F mold can't happen under those conditions. I don't know this for certain, It's just a theory or hopeful thinking really.

    They make a vacuum sealer for wide-mouth mason jars, I have one and may do that but my thinking is, it can't remove all the air, as long as there is space in the jar, there will be air.
    I think the problem with baggies is they hold a static charge and the trichomes will stick to the bags, there are likely other reasons why bags are not the best option.
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  5. Thanks for the info. I know I used to buy it in baggies, 4 finger lids for 20 bucks, lol. That was a long time ago. Hadn't thought about the trichomes. Thanks again for the help, Pinballman1
  6. lol, I remember those 4-finger lids, they went for 40 bucks in my younger days.
  7. Yeah, I'm probably a little older than you, lol. 60's, early 70's was 20 bucks here in Texas
  8. I hang my sticks with buds attached to a line that hangs for 10 days? at about 70-77F

    after that time I can bend a twig and it snaps like a chicken leg

    loud and clear

    thats the sound of a successful dry now for the cure

    I then trim of the buds from the sticks to a glass jar

    with one of those silica gel packs that keeps all at about 65% Rh

    then air the jars daily for a week or so

    avoid plastic as plastic does leak and carry flavors

    the best storage has to be a Humidor for storing Cigars

    along with Rh gauge to keep an eye on lol

    good luck
  9. Really, Really helpful. Thanks for the info, Pinballman1
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  10. While the branches snapping as you describe is exactly what all the stuff I have ever read says, I tried it and found it a bit too dry that way. It was at or under 60% when they went in the jars... that's too low for proper curing. I want it between 65-70% when it goes in the jars and burp them down to 60-65% over a week or so.

    And I think drying on the line conditions should be just what we want it to end up in the jars... 60-62% @ 68-71F... just ensure there is sufficient circulation to prevent mold... I have to use a humidifier to get 60% in they drying room.

    There's a lot of airplane analogy in this post I could do without but this guy pretty much nailed the way I do it.
    .Good cure info here

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