Storing Bud

Discussion in 'General' started by Young Dro User, May 13, 2011.

  1. i know everyone says mason jars are the best.
    but what about other jars?
    like any type of food youd buy from the grocery store that is kept in a jar,
    how well would that work?
    for example a spaghetti sauce jar?
  2. Anything airtight will work.
  3. Any jar with a lid will do.
  4. Yea, anything works.

    I use some smaller cool looking jars that used to have some sorta fruity jam in it.

    edit: ^^^^^ how the fuck did you guys beat me?
  5. Isn't it obvious?

    Me > You
  6. Collectable pokemon jelly jars
  7. Yea I stuff all my stuff in a glass jar that some fruit once came in
  8. I've got a cousin who works at Rite Aid and I stop in every once in a while to say hey.

    They have a dollar isle, with a pack of four approx 2x2x2 knock-off tuppaware plastic containers for a buck. I bought them out. :D

    They keep bud fresh as my mason jars. I just use them for hash, mostly.

  9. haha pics?
  10. ive uesd standard medication bottles for years and they haven't failed me yet.

  11. yeah for smaller amounts like eigths
    i use the transparent orange prescription bottles
  12. nice to read about it here, really awesome

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