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Storing big amounts in a house

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by motioncity1123, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Summer is starting and i want to pick up a QP. I live with my mom, dad and brother who wouldnt be down with ne having buds. I need the best methosd for storage/hiding an especially smell control.

    Any advice would be great. The smell is my biggest concern
  2. mason jars have never let me down. make sure you get the ones with the rubber seal and the 2 piece lid if you have the option
  3. Where to buy them? How much? Do smell-proff bags work?
  4. You can't go wrong with mason jars, no smell. :smoking:
  5. I think walmart would carry them but make sure they are mason jars not plastic jars with some cheap top. Those smell proof bags are crap, get some jars!:D
  6. ^^^ I fucking hate Walmart but you can get them at most craft stores as well (tall mouse, michaels, etc) Stay away from the bags too cause they just don't work for storing bud for a long time. If you're trying to hide it from yo momma, there's no way in hell she wouldn't smell a QP if you had them in ziplocks or whatever they may be. Just go with glass jars and be done with it
  7. Ball (is the brand name. Came from the Ball Brothers.) jars are another good brand. Also, if you find a nice once, they're great collectibles as well.
  8. As the others mentioned... air tight glass jar, aka canning jars.

    Get some Ona Block from a hydro store and scoop a spoon of it if you still have odor problems.
  9. I agree...Mason/Ball canning jars. Also you may want to consider maintaining enough out of your master stash so that you do not end running back & forth to where you are keeping the majority of it.

  10. Smell proof bags arent that great for big weight, depends on what smelly proof bags they are but the ones I get you can fit an O in each, so you would just need 4 :)
  11. I've had a mason jar full of dank weed in my car with the windows up and 90 degree weather outside and there was absolutely no smell.
  12. Mason jars are great, but make sure you air it for an hour a day if you don't want to develop mold on the buds. This is until the buds are bone dry (stem cracks, you can't press into the bud, etc.).

    EDIT: By airing it out I mean leaving the lid open in a well ventilated place, such as outside.
  13. turkey roasting bags/oven bags are smell proof as long as there tied tight and have no holes
  14. put it in a mason jar n put the jar in a smell proof bag. ive been doing this for about a year with sometimes up to a qp n its never let me down and i keep it in my closet
  15. mason jar, in ziplock is cheapest way to go, any art/craft store would have it, i just came from walmart supercentre they have something similar well.

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