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  1. hey, anyone have any smoking stories?
  2. here's one. ONe time I started blazing and my gf came over and was looking for sex, but i didn't want to put out the joint. so I smoked while I fucked her, I ashed on her back which wouldn't be that bad except that I jizzed into the ash, and then I kinda mixed it together and created a paste.

    The End.
  3. LOL!! nice one. I have one. me and a couple of friends smoked about half an ounce down in a bayou, and the bayou was like a damn halfpipe. So it was hell getting out, we waited there for 3 hours so the pot would wear off so we could climb up the side
  4. field trip to the statehouse but first we went to mcdonald. me and my boy paul ate weed the whole way there. i smoked 2 bowls in the mcdonalds bathroom alone. the guidance counseler walks over to paul (cause he knows im THE pothead) and demands to know where i am. Pauls like he's got tha shits....drinky drinky.....and the fucken dude goes in there while im all trying to light the second one standing on the toilet and says "jay?" im all almost coughing like "wha?" hes just like "nothing nevermind" and starts pissen and he all says "whats that smell?" im like "uhhhh sorry" all trying to light to bowl quietly. so he leaves and i come out blazed and then we get back on the bus. eat some more weed. and when we get to the statehouse we smoke on the steps and around pillars and shit. got blazed in tha statehouse. but anyway we go back and i got in trouble for something and im in the deans office and she's just about to check my pockets when i asked to go to the bathroom. so im in the bathroom right and i smoked everything i had left. i had like 5 grams she must have thought i had the shits wicked bad. it was cool cause the bathroom is in her office. latas
  5. we got some sketcky people here :p hmm too bad i was raised to be like totally opo-sketchy. lol
  6. ahh this happened last night....... i had 2 friends over and we left my house (snuk out) at 2am and then we drove to a box factory which one of my friends dads owns... then we went inside and smoke around 11 grams and we got back at 5:00am... wasn't all that exciting but i havn't ever blazed in a box factory before...
  7. I've got so many good stories, but i'm having STML right now..... Hold on let me think.... Ok i got one.

    Christmas break had started, and i flew back to my hometown to visit friends and family. The first night when i was back, i went out with some friends for a high ride. It had just snowed so all of the town was covered. My friends decides he wants to go to this place he calls "Santa land". Oh course on the way their we blazed, its a real chill place to smoke, its all these back roads were you rarely see a car. When we finally arive at santa land, i was amazed. It was this huge house that was on about 2 acres of land, and every 2 ft there was a blow up peguin, or santa, or reindeer, etc. And the house was so bright, you could see it from like 2 miles away. We had smoke 1 joint and 5 bowls in the car without opening any windows. The car was extremely smokey. We then got the munchies so we went to wendy and when we pulled up to pay, the lady was coughing and said "damn i'm getting high from all that smoke pouring out of your car". Well of course i then started laughing and everyone else in the car did as well, she obivously knew we were high.

    Wow that story wasn't that intresting, i'll come back in a few days when i can remember a good/funny story.
  8. one time me and my friend blazed (smoked) and i drove us to the beach. There we were trying to run and play frisbee so i could meet a special lady there. But while we were stumbling foraward these two girls call us over. So we go over and they are like Hey, us being stoned just play along and go hey. They are like how old are you, we go 18, and they whisper to eachother, quick make up a number, and say 16. They arent 16 and go we are only 2 years younger than you. We laugh and walk away. It was funnier when we were stoned :). sorry if i just wasted your time


  9. yes jeff, that is what you just did.
  10. You should've slept with them. That what i would do.

    But then again, I'm a sex hound.
  11. HEres one i got tons okme and my friends smoked a bunch of refer and we were all blazed out of our minds except for me and otherkid we were bigger stoners i guess but i was still high anyway we go into the bugerking (munchies) and we are trying to order but two of my friends are realy fucked up and are jumping the manager asked if we were "alright" anyway we go to orderand the guy goes "I smell refer" and walks away it wasfunny high casue weall kept going did he say or that guy just said "I smell refer "GOD WEED IS GOOD"

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