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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by mltagm424, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. never caught my dad...he works for the court system now, so i don't think he smokes anymore, but i know he did...he's shared stories. it was cool, like i was old enough for him to trust me enough to tell things like that to. i would love to light it up with my dad some day...
  2. cool..

  3. yeah my mom always tells stories about when she would smoke when she was younger. she was a major pot head and now is one of the parents that all my friends talk to about problems cause shes already done most of it. no hard drugs just the alcohol cigs weed and psychadelics. the other day we went to bon ton to return stuff and instead of saying wrapping paper she said rolling paper. the cashier looked real pissed after she said that we just started laughing.
  4. awww man. thats pretty cool. according to my mom, "i only smoked a few times. I didn't like it too much so i stopped. then i started getting better grades." uhhhh, bullshit? she was a total hippie, bra burner and everything. a few times my booty.

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