Stories with my Smoking Buddy

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  1. So I had one smoking buddy throughout my high school times, and every time he came over we smoked til we got so stoned we couldn't hit anymore. I remember writing down all the funny shit we said and hell we typed some of this shit together, so I figured I'd share it. It's a compilation of random stuff, it will be separated by a space underneath.

    Be warned. Some of this shit is actually stupid and embarrassing looking back at it. You have been warned.

    *christmas time*
    *background: marijuana plant with buds and food under the tree*

    *mom texts LJ, he reads it, says "be good."*
    LJ: Oh I'll be good alright. Good and baked.

    *LJ and ME walking down to 7-11 smoking a joint, cop stops us*
    Cop: Put that joint out!
    LJ: *Takes one massive hit and finishes the whole joint*
    What joint?
    Cop: Have a good day sir!

    *ape sitting on couch eating hot dogs, the owners tell him to put on a gorilla mask*
    *Ape puts it on*

    Me: Keep tokin! *laughing*
    LJ: *chuckles out the bong water all over the brand new nice just bought 1 day ago carpet*
    Me: Haha!
    LJ: *bong water all over hands* Dude, you got a napkin?
    Me: Ummm... none of that around here.
    Me: Uhh we have a paper plate!
    LJ: *wipes hands with paper plate*

    we make fun of one of our dealers me and lj and we were like "what if he just holds his phone like right by his side waiting for us to call him and when we call him it's like 'rin- HELLO!!!!' we'd be like "Woah you picked up fast.' and he'd be like 'I'VE BEEN WAITING.'
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