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    So one day I'm just living my normal life just doing what I do and my friend and I are playing xbox. We'll he says I need a little weed so of course being the bro I am I give him some and he says thanks and borrows my bong. So the night goes on he goes home and I get up in the morning and go to school. We'll in 2nd period I see my friend in the hall and he pulls out the bong and smokes it right in the hallway. Someone ran to tell and he dipped out and to this day he wasn't caught but 3 days ago he smoked a cig in class and got suspended but here's a link to the video of him in class.
    My friend is stupid any stories like his?
  2. Birds of a feather flock together...

    I have one, was having a bbq with some friends over. Made 2 warnings to everyone 'do not touch my dogs bones, he will fuck you up'. Twice.

    Some idiot forgets my warning and proceeds to sweep my dogs bone into the grass. My dog sees what's happened and rushes to my friends foot, as the idiot lifts his leg to kick the bones my dog grabs his shoe and rips it apart.
    I laughed so hard I had boogers shooting out my nose.
    My dog was a Korean wolf, they have rules lol.
  3. I don't have enough time in the world to share every stupid thing my friends did lol
    I love them to death though.
    Like one time, my homie (let's call him) 'G,'  our friend 'C' and I were all chilling in G's garage.
    G and I were the only ones with bud, and C was a total leach but we never turned him away.
    While C isn't looking, G loaded a fat bowl of  Cat Nip in one of his many bongs and handed it to C.
    C smells it and goes, "Man dude, I'm not complaining but this shake looks a little off."
    G smiles, "Smoke the whole thing in one rip and i'll roll a blunt and give you dibs.
    C goes, "All right, fuck it."
    The next thing my high ass remembers is being outside the garage door, laughing my ass off at 3 in the morning because C is puking and yelling, "Do I look like a cat to you, meow?" over and over.
    And he never rolled that blunt for him hahahahah.
  4. That's not funny, you made your friend smoke something that had no business being breathed in let alone inhaling it in a bong. You could have seriously hurt him, do you think it would be funny to give him a bong hit of salt too?
  5. People sound so stupid when they yell out Worldstar hahaha

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    In case you can't read, I had no part in it. I didn't see him load it either. So yes, it's fucking hilarious.
    and you're fucking ridiculous.
    edit: Mind you, this was almost a decade ago in my teen years.
  7. You clearly made it seem in the post that you watched him do it so you are the one with the poor reading comprehension. You explained it as the 3 of you in the room and while c wasn't looking he did it. 

    No, you just have poor judgement and assume. It's a poor trait.
    I was super blazed and had no idea what was going on until we were outside and he was puking.
    Still funny.
  9. Wow you just can't admit that you're wrong and you worded it like you saw it. If you can't understand that the context and wording of your post insinuated that you participated in it then you are just wrong and I have nothing else to tell you. 
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    learn to ask questions instead of assuming. good bye.
  12. A pothead who I went to school with (not really friends) had this acryllic bong in rasta colours which everyone thought was super cool. He carved his name into it because he was really proud of it and he'd show it off all the time.
    One day, a group of us were smoking up in the school bathrooms at lunch with his bong and he forgot it in one of the cubicles. Someone must have found it and turned it in because he got expelled lol.
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    Nvr minds. Lol

    But damn stick it to the woman.

    Imma roll with it

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  14. One time me and my friends where smoking in the woods behind these peoples house and then a bunch of kids came from the house and walked back into the woods and I put my joint down but my dumbass friends light a bowl on front of the kids

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