Stories of broken glass/pieces.

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  1. Have you ever broken an expensive bong or other smoking piece?

    I once bought a steamroller and the first time I used it, my friend melted part of it with a butane lighter. He held the lighter lit inside the bowl for at least 5 seconds. The hole melted and opened up really wide and he breathed in a mouthful of burning embers. Serves him right.

    It was pretty much unusable after that.
  2. I've only broken 2 things since i started smoking. The first one was a $10 glass pipe that i dropped right before trying to smoke, and the second was a glass piece on my vape that i dropped in the sink while cleaning it... I've been pretty lucky so far with my bongs and stuff.
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    one time i was in my basement chillin and watching some movie. and the set up for my basement is pretty tight, i have a few doors in the rec room where i go outside and smoke then come back in. well one night i did just that and came back and chilled on the couch. it was cold probably and i had a blanket on me, and i set my really nice sandblasted bubbler on my lap because i was going to wrap it up and put it away. by now i was stoned and started watching my movie instead of putting away my bubbler. i remembered i had some munchies next to me so i got up to retrieve them. right when i got up i remembered i had my bubbler in my lap and of course it rolled off of my blanket. i watched in super slow-mo as my bubbler bounced on the carpet, then onto the only tiled-floor part of the room. needless to say it shattered. i was pretty high so i didnt let it get me down, luckly it happened after i smoked. oh well. and i will make a diagram of what the room looks like so you might understand what happened better.
  4. I've had two pieces broken. 1st was my bubbler, i wsa cleaning it and was putting the filter screen back in, it wasnt that stable so when i pushed it in it did a back flip off the counter. The second was my ice bong that I found the stem broken in it, no one fessed up to that one but it may have broken by accident.
  5. I broke the first pipe I ever bought.
    I bought the pipe for like $60. It hit amazingly. And it was a beautiful piece. Me and a couple of friends wanted to hit it at this golf course we go to smoke at really late. My friends dad took me so I had to hide the piece somwhere. I hid it inside my sweatshirt because it was reversible so it had a double pocket. When I got out of the car I heard a loud 'Crack' looked down and there was my brand new piece shattered. I picked it up right before my friends dad looked in my direction. We didn't get to smoke that night either. That night sucked ass. :cry:
  6. I've only broken two pieces, but they were both broken at the exact same time. I was smoking out of my bong, and I put it down on top of the box that I keep my stash and some of my smaller pieces in. My bubbler happened to be behind the box at the time. When the bong was cashed, I went to reach into the box to grab some weed to grind for the next bowl. Unfortunately, I forgot my bong was on top of the box, and as I lifted the lid open (the hinges are at the back) the bong slid down the lid and landed on top of the bubbler, and both of them broke.

    The bong was a piece of shit, so I didn't really care about it, but the bowl for it was cool and unbroken, so I kept it. The bubbler was awesome though, and I glued it back together for display purposes, even though I won't be able to smoke out of it.

    After I cleaned up the broken pieces, I went out and bought a new bong and bubbler to cheer myself up, and they're my two favorite pieces now. I guess that counts as a happy ending.
  7. lol ive only broken a couple of pieces...ive broke 2 bowls..once i just dropped it and it hit a concrete floor...done lol. the other one is a really common way to break a piece...i smoked in my buddies car and when i was done and had kicked it, i put it on my lap. well when i was gettin out i thought it was in my i got up and it fell on the pavement..along with my phone lol. Ive had 3 bowls taken from the cops, one stolen...havent broke my bong and dont intend on it lol
  8. FUCK i was packing a last bowl before leaving school for Thanksgiving and I dropped my first piece, blue, and he fucking shattered on the floor. Just had to get it out there.

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