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  1. I went for a long road trip yesterday and got back today and it reminded me of something htat had happened in the past. I live in northeast Indiana and decided to made the trip to Chicago but I left at 3 am. Well the thing is I'm on a 3rd shift schedual because my fiance lives in Indonesia and we talk everyday. She's going to move here soon, this year hopefully so we can get married. More about her in another post.

    Anyway, I have my bubbler, my spoon for when people are around and an ounce of mids. I smoked about a 1/4 on the trip which is usual for me. I use for medication, about 3 grams a day to keep me up the whole day. I've also got my new car that I love to drive, it's a 2002 Eclipse spyder. I got it after I won my settlement from a car accident that almost killed me, but that's another story. I was driving out and all of a sudden this geo comes next to me and it's got freaking flames on it! So funny. Had me a bottle of green tea with ginsing and honey, mmmm. Didn't see many cops at all, I think only 1 the whole trip which is a surprise. On a clear stretch of road where I could see far ahead of me and no cops I got it up to 110mph for a little bit. The speedometer goes to 150 though, but I didn't want to push it. Anyway I get to Chicago and go to the Shedd Aquarium. I drive home part ways and sice I hadn't slept I got a hotel room and smoked it out in the shower and got some sleep.

    What it reminds me of though is about two years ago my dad and I got in a fight, not sure over what and he was going to kick me out so I took off and ended up going to just east of Chicago trying to get on lake michigan beach but yeah, all the beaches are closed at 4 am dumbass. I had a 1/4 with me that time and smoked it all. I got home the next day and my dad comes out and hugs me, now this is a big thing, my dad hadn't huged me for about 10 years. My dad was abusive growing up. If we did anything that ticked him off we would get lashed with a leather belt, bare behind and you had to count out as he hit you, and if your screamed or made any noise you got double, and you think your childhood was rough. Him hugging me was a big thing though, I didn't really know what to make of it.

    Thanks for reading, I have many more stories if you care to read!

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