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  1. I'm gonna be going to walmart to buy several gallons of water, they have distilled water, spring water, and drinking water.

    What one should I get?

    I was thinking spring since it seems most natural but I really dont know.

    I also am going to try to do a flush since I think my ph in the soil is too high. so should I ph the water to slightly lower than I want the medium to be or to exactly what it should be.

    I also have hummus manure as a top dressing so that may adjust ph but I don't know how at all

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  2. None, tap water..
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  3. You are wasting money buying all that store water. If you think the ph in your soil is too high test your run off water
  4. I grow outdoors so I cant check the runoff, and where am I supposed to get water if I have well water that is unfit for growing

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  5. Plus it's like 90 cents a gallon

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  6. Do you have access to a creek?
  7. what do your plant(s) look like?
  8. Is your well water ok to drink?
    If your growing directly in the ground you should be ok I would think,
    How do we know the well water is not suitable for growing

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  9. There are orange specs that come outside thru the spigot like rust or something and all water inside goes thru softening

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  10. Do you have access to any other outdoor water source?
  11. Pics[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Good idea there's one not too far and ive been looking for a reason to go on a walk

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  13. Your plant is looking good. how tall is it?
  14. also what stage is it in?
  15. The last two pics are a different one that wasnt topped. That one is over 5 1/2 feet and the first one is about 6in. less at the highest point.

    They are just finishing the stretch I think very early flower.

    Im worried still about the yellow leaves and the ones with stripes especially since I think bloom has just started

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  16. Add some perlite to your soil to help with the yellowing leaves. What color are the stripes on the leaves?
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  17. Well im not planning on digging anything up to add perlite, but I should have done that in the first place.
    Why would perlite help with yellowing though?

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  18. You dont have to dig up anything to put perlite down. you just work the perlite into your soil by hand. perlite would help with the yellowing because your plant might have slight nitrogen deficiency.
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    Most Walmarts have RO water you fill yourself. Last time I checked it was $0.37 a gallon.Just know you will have to add Mg and possibly calcium during your grow. While I get my water now from a public spring (artesian well) I used RO for over a year.
    Oh and GOLDY and the perlite thing...ignore that.
  20. Lmao exacty what I was thinking. GOLD46 man, maybe you are thinking of miracle grow perlite or something but I don't think perlite is supposed to have nutes like that, it's for oxygen and aeration at the roots.

    And I was trying to avoid the ro because of that very reason. I dont have cal mag or any epsom.

    My FF nutes im sure have them though, right?

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