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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shesleaving, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. I am buying my first eighth tomorrow, I'm looking for clever places in my room to hide my bud and just planned to put it in a small airtight baggie and place that in the middle of a box of shotgun shells.

    Then I read this in a FAQ

    "Don't store your cannabis in sandwich bags or anything made of a similar plastic; the buds will become too dry and lose potency."

    So i was wondering if storing it in an empty pill bottle would be ok, I cant have the smell getting out as I live with my parents, they wouldn't be terribly upset if they knew, but you never know.

    So empty pill bottle, good or bad idea?

  2. depends on how long, anything longer then a few days get a glass jar to store it in
  3. Pill bottles arent completly airtight, they will dry out your bud if you leave it in there. Also the plastics static will attract trichomes and hairs off yoru buds.
    Go and buy a little mason jar to use, i have a few that are like 2x2 inches, perfect for small amounts, prolly up to a quarter or more. There are no plastic bags that are airtight, unless you vaccume seal it all. For short term storage a pill bottle woule be ok for keeping smell out of teh air, but not the best for keeping buds fresh
  4. Alrighty

    thanks for the info

    now to find a hiding spot for a small jar :-|
  5. reading through the forum, and ryannelson gave me a good idea. Put it in the back of my guitar amp, took out 4\6 screws for easy access. :)
    Just thought I'd share
  6. you got a computer case thats easy to open? put it in there(but DONT touch anything unless u know what your doing.. ok?)
  7. I've got an unused DVD drive on my computer, but it doesn't look like it opens, but it does. Perfect spot. :cool:

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