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Storage question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TobySucks, May 7, 2011.

  1. I started saving bud from each time i pick up and i want to save it till the end of summer and then just blow through it in one last day of the summer, so my question is, if i have the bud in an airtight jar but open it every day will the bud go bad in the next 5 months
  2. it will be dry ? idk .
  3. i can always fix dryness with orange peels i just want to know if it will lose a lot of potency
  4. It will never go stale if that's what you're asking, although I'm not sure why you want to open it everyday, because trying to cure bud that you've already had for a while is usually counter-productive. The bud has to be initially cured (within 30 days of chopping it from the plant) to actually effect the smoothness of the smoke, and opening the jar everyday won't do anything but extensively drying it out (considering its already dry), possibly losing some of the smell as a result. Also, if you're worried about mold, don't be, unless it already has mold (at which point you should just pitch it), because it is probably already dry initially and leaving it in a jar with dry air won't cause any mold to be fabricated.

    Leave it in an airtight jar, but try not to open it at all (if you must, do it once or twice a month), and your bud will stay fresh and retain most of its smell. You have to keep in mind though, that THC degrades over time, but the process is very slow. This process is sped up with light, so if you store it in a completely dark place, you can prevent this from occurring to the best of your abilities.
  5. thanks man +rep i open everyday because i pick bud up everyday so i pinch a little from each sack and i throw it in there

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